Zoomer Hedgiez £24.99 @ Argos/Smyths

Zoomer Hedgiez £24.99 @ Argos/Smyths

What the heck is a Zoomer Hedgiez? It's an interactive toy that will be on a lot of Christmas Lists this year. Don't go paying £30-£35 for one. Argos and Smyths have them reduced down to just £24.99 and at this time of year, every penny counts.

The Zoomer Hedgiez is a cuddly little hedgehog toy that can walk, do headstands, and even tumble around.

Press it's nose to hear it sneeze, whistle or kiss. It can be tickled and it's eyes can light-up.

For £24.99, it's a pretty cool toy. Grab one before the prices creep back up!

At Smyths, you can also get these following Zoomer Hedgiez: Dizzy*, Flip* and Whirl*.

You can have these delivered for FREE when ordering from Smyths, If home delivery isn't convenient then you can Click and Collect them instead from either Argos or Smyths.


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  • Hayley K.

    Haha!! If only bella knew how good I was at ticking everything off on her list!! I am Santa!! Xx

    • Nikki N.

      Ted needs this for xmas xx

      • Antonia S.

        Look on YouTube. They look ace xxx