ZooBooKoo Educational Toys For Children: 15% Coupon Code

12 August 2010

ZooBooKoo Educational Toys For Children 1

ZooBooKoo specialise in unique educational toys for children. Its toys and games use unusual formats, such as cubes, to provide information in bite-sized chunks. PlayPennies has an exclusive code that will get you a 15% discount when spending £15 or more.

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ZooBooKoo Educational Toys For Children 2Enter the code at the checkout, and it will apply to any spend of £15 and over. We've covered ZooBooKoo before, read about them here at National Literacy And Educational Cool @ ZooBooKoo.com.

These are really quite interesting educational toys and games. I'm only looking at them online, I haven't seen one in action, so I'm finding it a bit hard to get my head around the concept! Looking at the cubes though, I can see quite a few that I know will definitely have a huge appeal to most of the little kids I know. Well actually they look like fun to me too.

ZooBooKoo Educational Toys For Children 3It can be quite hard to find educational toys for children that doesn't look rather worthy and, well, educational! I don't really know how the cubes work, but they definitely don't look boring. I know that dice are a big hit with little ones, and are a great way to start introducing them to the concept of adding numbers. The Dude Dice game seems to be one way of doing that. There's also games for literacy, and the Secret Scholar series of booklets.


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