Zinc Fuze Scooter £24.99 @ Argos

15 April 2012

The Zinc Fuze Scooter does something pretty cool. It sends off sparks out the back when the brakes are applied. Normally this scooter is sold for £49.99 at Argos, but it has the scooter on half price sale for £24.99. The next cheapest we've seen is at JJB for £39.99. You can opt to collect this item in-store for free.

My son's scooter gets a lot of use. If we have to go somewhere where there will be a lot of walking, I can pull him along (it makes long days out much easier at the end of the day), and use it for putting bags on the handles. Easier for me!

Blaze while you brake on the Zinc Fuse Scooter! It's the coolest scooter on the street, according to the website. You can impress your friends as they watch the sparks fly from the back, as you scoot past them in style.

Sparks when the brake is used on this foldable, 2 wheel scooter. These are 120mm, puncture proof wheels. Scooter also has anti-slip footplate, easy grip handles and adjustable handlebar height. The handlebar height range is 73 to 82cm. The footbrake is at the rear.

The Zinc Fuze Scooter measures 82cm high, 22cm in width and 65cm in depth. It weighs 3kg and can take user weights up to 50kg. There's some, minimal, assembly although the site doesn't say what is involved. Just that it comes packed flat. Recommended age is for 4 years and upwards.

Thanks to lord_trumpington at HUKD!

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