Zhu Zhu Pets (Go Go Hamsters) Sale @ Play.com

7 November 2010


These are pretty overpriced pets and most of them seem to break after only a couple of months of use, but the kids love them and they don’t seem to be diminishing in popularity at all. Remember last Christmas and the crazy Go Go Hamster prices? Well, don’t get caught out this year and nab some bargains at Play.com

To start with I have to say that the Deluxe Fun House is massively reduced to only £13.25 including free delivery, and this is usually around the £20 mark. It is a great price and will definitely rock as a Christmas present for peeps who already have Zhu Zhu pets but no accessories.

Other accessories included in the sale are the Battle Arena (hahahaha), Ninja Warriors Battle Armour, the Spider Skull Tank, Pizza Shop, Dojo Base, and Headquarters. I had no idea that the Zhu Zhu pets had branched out so much. None at all!

Now you can get Rockstar Zhu Zhu pets with insane hairdo’s, Wild Bunch pets that include skunks and other such wild beasts, Special Forces Hamsters (cue more laughing) and, my new personal favourite, Ninja Hamsters.

Thanks to loveabargain at HUKD!

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