Zhu Zhu Hamsters £5 For Two @ The Hut

Zhu Zhu Hamsters £5 For Two @ The Hut


The Hut are having something of a Zhu Zhu sale at the moment with a bunch of these Go-Go Hamsters on sale. It feels like just yesterday that these chaps were impossible to find and cost a fortune, now you can’t move for the little things. Down to £5 and, in some cases, you can get two for £5.

Now, there are Zhu Zhu clothes on sale for £5 – I am particularly amused by the dragon outfit, its hilarious – and some hamsters, plus some cool locations. All of these items come with free delivery too. However, there are some items that allow you to get two for £5.

These are not very clearly labelled so you may have to fiddle around a bit but I did find that the raccoons were two for £5, Stinker the Skunk was two for £5, the Hamster Captain and several others. This is an ace bargain for fans of the Go-Go Hamsters/Zhu Zhu pets.

I know I am addicted to them. I am. I adore them.

Thanks to geegee-pinata at HUKD!


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