Zapf Creation Patchy Dolly Review

15 December 2011

When I first saw the Zapf Creation Patchy Dollymy first thought was, “I want that!” It is beyond cute. The doll is an interchangeable toy which lets kids create a wide range of different facial expressions and dress designs and she retails for around £24.99.

She arrived in a large box with the usual twisty wires that took about five minutes to undo. The two five year old girls waiting to play with her were practically fainting with excitement. She had captured their attention from the moment she was unveiled.

Soon I had her out and on the floor with her different attachments laid out around her. She has several different mouth shapes, two different eye shapes, a pair of glasses, and some detachable flowers and patches for her dress.

The plan was simple, leave the two girls to figure out Patchy Dolly on their own while I try and finish off my Christmas cakes. I wanted to see if they could get the hang of popping the bits in and out without any help from me.

Success! They took turns decorating Patchy Dolly’s dress and face and all I could hear was hoots of laughter as they attached the various items. Her mouth attachments slot in with a single pin which can be quite tough to get out actually, but they managed fine. The eyes are magnetic and click into place with a satisfying thunk. How I love magnets.

Zapf Creation Patchy Dolly is big and sturdy and very cute. She is not huggable though, something to keep kids entertained during the day, not to cuddle at night. My final thoughts are that overall she is an excellent toy that would make a stunning Christmas gift. Patchy Dolly is unusual, clever, fun and well priced. She gets a high thumbs up from me for originality and looks too.

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  • PaulB123
    This is in Home Bargains for only £7.99, it's also available on there website for the same price (plus delivery)

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