You've Got Crabs Game £13.45 @ Amazon

This is a right rib tickler!
You've Got Crabs Game £13.45 @ Amazon

If you've got older teenagers or adults to buy for this Christmas and you think 2020 has been serious enough, then we've found the perfect gift. The You've Got Crabs Game will have everyone giggling right from the get go and it's actually a really fun game. Usually it's over £20, but you can get it for just £13.45 from Amazon just now.

You've Got Crabs Game

Made by the makers of Exploding Kittens, this game is for those of you with a wicked sense of humour. Although the name may sound like a sexual health issue, we assure you that the game is clean as a whistle.

It's a fun card game that requires at least four players, up to a maximum of ten - which is great for when you're allowed visitors over.

Believe it or not, the recommended age for this game is 7 years old and above, as it's really is only the name that's suggestive.

Using secret signals with your partner or team mates, you gain crab points from correctly guessing if they have got a crab card... if so and you shout "You've got crabs!" then you gain a crab point.

Comes with 78 cards, instructions, foam turn indicator, 28 crab points and a box with 3 drawer compartments.

You can also purchase the expansion kit, so that you don't ever get that over played feeling. That's just £13.99 here* from Amazon, and comes with imitation crab claws.

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