WOW! New Lego Minecraft Sets @ Argos

Lego Minecraft Sets

Lego Minecraft is going to be one of THE bestselling toys of 2014, without a doubt. My boys will be getting some if I can lay my hands on some, that is. These are selling fast and they aren't cheap ANYWHERE, but that's not stopping people. If you can risk holding out until tomorrow, you can reserve and collect the Minecraft sets and get 3 for 2 on them when you collect them on Wednesday from your local store.

I will warn you now, that I have it on good authority that these are selling like hot cakes even without the 3 for 2 deal. You need to weigh up whether you can afford to wait or to just get them now. I am waiting as these sets are NOT cheap, and I will risk them selling out at the prospect of saving £50-60.

My boys are Ender Dragon mad and I suspect lots of Minecraft kids will be the same, this Lego Ender Dragon set* doesn't come cheap at £59.99 but imagine their little face when they open this on Christmas morning!

I fully expect the Lego Minecraft Farm* to sell out first. It's much more affordable at just (pah!) £24.99. You can check out the rest of the Lego Minecraft sets by clicking the link above.

If you want my advice, bypass ordering them for delivery, as you will have to wait until Wednesday to do so if you wish to benefit from the 3 for 2. I reckon you will struggle to find stock by then. The best way to get the 3 for 2 is to wait until tomorrow morning and get reserving three Lego Minecraft sets for collection on Wednesday.

Thanks to staceymiller86 @ HUKD

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