The WotWots Zoom Along SpottyWot £9.99 @

The WotWots Zoom Along SpottyWot £9.99 @

The WotWots Zoom Along SpottyWot 1Hold everything! If you've got a toddler then this is it, Christmas is SORTED. How much of a bargain is this one? has reduced the WotWots Zoom Along SpottyWot from £34.99 to £9.99.

If you watch the Milkshake show on Channel Five at all, you'll have seen this wonderful, whacky and rather off the wall show. It originally hails from New Zealand, where 'wot wots' is a phrase that describes somewhere really remote. The back of beyond if you like. In the show, the Wot Wots are two lovable little aliens. a brother and sister called SpottyWot and DottyWot. They live in a space ship located somewhere in a Zoo - the zoo scenes are filmed in Auckland, Wellington and Melbourne zoos.

zoom along spotty wotStrap in the soft blue SpottyWot, with plastic eyes, into the red chair. Press one of the buttons on SpottyWot's chair, and you'll hear the WotWots theme song, and funny sounds from the show. The chair also whizzes around.SpottyWot's chair has a spanner attached to the side.

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