Workshop Wednesday: Googley Eyed Frog Craft

Workshop Wednesday: Googley Eyed Frog Craft

WWMy girls have been reading "Hold That Thought Milton"*, a story about a boy, Milton, who loses his frog. Everyone is too busy to listen to him, and he gets so frustrated wanting to talk about his frog that he turns part frog himself, before exploding green goo over everyone. My daughter asked if she could have a frog and since I have no intention of welcoming a green croaky critter to the family, we decided to make one from paper.

You will need:

  • A paper plate
  • Paper (green and pink, or white and paints)
  • Green and red paints
  • Two small balloons
  • Two googley eyes
  • A glue gun or strong glue

Make A Frog Craft

How to make a Googley Eyed Frog

  • The first job in frog making, is to fold your paper plate in half. Paint the outside green and the inside red.
  • While that is drying, cut a strip of pink paper and give it a fork for the tongue.
  • Cut 8 strips of green paper, then fold two pieces over each other to create the four legs.
  • Inflate two balloons keeping them small-ish, and glue two googley eyes on them.
  • We used a glue gun, but you can use whatever glue works for you, and glue the balloons to the green bit, the tongue to the inside, and the legs two to the front, two to the back.

The balloons wobble around in a fun way, and make little people laugh.

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