Workshop Wednesday: A Day With Dr Seuss

12 March 2014

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My daughter loves Dr Seuss stories, and we read the stories regularly. One of the ways we try to bring stories and literature to life for them, is by doing arts and crafts based on the stories, and for this Pinterest is an invaluable resource. Here are five activities you can do to bring Dr.Seuss best stories out of the books with your children.

I can read with my eyes shut
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This is a great Dr.Seuss starter book, because The Cat in the Hat goes through all the reasons that he likes reading, and how much you can learn about a random list of world-topics by reading. He makes it exciting, and the rhyming story is great for children.

For the glasses, you'll need three pipe cleaners.

Fold two of the pipe cleaners into a 9-shape, and cut a 1-cm piece from the third pipe cleaner. Use that to connect the two circle parts of the glasses, and twist the tail parts to go around your child's ears.

One Fish, Two Fish

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Another fun rhyming book with great colours and Seuss-inspired giggles. Here we did hand prints - the kids did and I helped them cut them out. The one in the link above is a lot more presentable, but the kids had fun doing it anyway!

The Cat in the Hat

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Our all time favourite though, is The Cat in the Hat, so we did two crafts:

A Hat

This craft requires a paper plate, scissors and red and black markers or crayons.

Cut a three-sided rectangle from the paper plate, folding the connected fourth side forward. Decorate the hat in red and white strips, and pop it on your head. It stays up surprisingly well, so is a great fancy dress accessory when combined with a red bow tie.

A Cat in a Hat

Again, this craft requires a paper plate, a bit of black paper, white paper and red paper. You'll also need googly eyes, and a marker pen.

Glue a rectangle of white paper to the top of the plate, and alternate red strips with the white. Cut thin strips from the black paper for whiskers, and a circle for a nose as well as two triangles for the ears. Glue on the googly eyes, and draw on a mouth.

You could make a hole on either side of the plate and thread through some elastic for a mask, but my little one liked her hat  the most, so we just put our cat up for display.

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