Wooden Trike 'n' Trailer £19 @ ELC

30 June 2010

trailer If I was still in the market for something like along these lines, I'd have ordered it!

I like wooden toys; I'm afraid my inner toy-snob come RACING to the surface when I'm confronted with a choice between wooden and elegant and plastic and 'horrible'.

Now before anyone lambasts me for that statement, no not all plastic stuff is horrible, but let's face it wooden toys just have that classic feel and timeless look about them.

This wooden Trike 'n' Trailer from the Early Learning Centre is just lovely - look at it!

There's a few splashes of colour and your little one will love scooting along on it.  And then there's all the fun to be had filling up the little trailer scooting to somewhere else, emptying the trailer, scooting back again, getting more 'stuff' and merrily pootling back and forth all the while they have cargo to transport.

The Early Learning Centre have reduced this lovely LOVELY item from £38 down to £19, so it's an absolute BARGAIN to finish off this PlayPennies day with, notwithstanding their rather hefty (in my opinion) £4.95 standard delivery charge.

Thanks to gizzygoo over at HUKD!

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  • Christine A.
    Where can i buy one of those elc trikes for that price??

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