Wooden Tricycle £19.54 @ Little Green Earthlets

12 December 2011

Oooh, I do love a good wooden tricycle; I love them even more when they're less than £20 - this wooden tricycle is £19.54 (it's original price was £39.95) and you'll need to add on £3.95 for delivery.

There's just something a little bit special about wooden toys, in my opinion.  They're simple, elegant and timeless; there's rarely a hint of garish neon paint and I would go for wooden toys over plastic wherever possible.

Of course you can't leave a wooden tricycle out in the rain but, quite frankly, you shouldn't be leaving any toys out in the rain!  This particular wooden tricycle is made from beech, measures 51cm x 36cm and is painted in plain, but bright, red, yellow and blue.

As for age suitability, well there's no guidance on the Little Green Earthlets site so you'll have to use your judgement and common sense.  It's all going to depend on how quickly your baby can sit and hold on to something without falling off!

I've tried to find out the last date for Christmas delivery for you, but there's nothing - so if you need to wait a few days before you can order this wooden tricycle then you might want to give them a quick ring and find out; here's the number for you 01435 811555.

Thanks to rose_ginger at HUKD 

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