Wooden Shop & Accessories Just £34.99 @ Studio

Wooden Shop Just £34.99 @ Studio

My daughter's friend has had one of these Wooden Shops for about 4 years now and they still play with it on a daily basis! It is such an awesome buy and really does last.

You can get your hands on this Wooden Shop and Accessories for just £34.99 from Studio.

This fab shop is perfect for role play for youngsters but it is also great for older children as it can help them learn about money, weighing things and all sorts that can be incorporated into the curriculum.

It is a wooden shop so you know it is going to be sturdy and last! It has a canopy, shelves and a chalk board which means it can be made into a bakery, sweet shop, anything they wish!

The wooden shop also comes with 16 dummy food boxes, 5 plastic foods, 2 plastic cans and play money which includes 12 money notes and 10 coins. The shop is suitable for ages 3 years and upwards.

This is a fantastic deal for just £34.99, snap one up while you can as I am sure they are going to sell fast!

There is an additional £5 delivery charge due to the size and weight of the item.

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  • Sabrina W.

    Omg jake would love this!!

  • Lucie W.

    - you need an addition to your shop!!

    • Carrie W.

      Yes I do I neeeeed this for my shop,errrrr Logan's shop :ok_hand_tone1:

  • Alison G.

    if you still have your studio account haha! seems like a bargain. maybe Brooke would like xx

  • Stephen R.

    for orlaiths birthday! X

  • Katarzyna W.

    Thank you Mandy! These toys are amazing!

  • Suzanne H.

    My little girls got this for Christmas, it's fantastic, an amazing bargain for the price. It's really well put together.

  • Lisa M.

    If we had the space I totally would lol x

  • Kelley H.

    I like this ,they would all love a shop xx

  • Jade P.

    It’s really cute isn’t it xxx

  • Dominique N.

    Only £100 cheaper than the one mum bought x

  • Sarah P.

    I love it but have no where for it to go

  • Hayleyy E.

    Gabriella would love this! So would I :joy::joy:

  • Lucie B.

    Yes! Would like one with better storage though, like baskets to put the food in x

  • Nicola D.

    Ahh yeh she would...I have no room though :weary:

  • Lynda G.

    Cute but just don’t have the space xx

  • Thomas M.

    No. Just no. No more. I want the living room back. Ella has taken over.

  • Samantha K.

    So cute... if i had any space in my house!!!

  • Kate R.

    Where am I gonna put it???

  • Clare M.

    I have no room :weary:plus she would expect fresh pastries every day

  • Stephanie T.

    Such a shame we got this for our little girl for xmas and on making it on xmas eve the wood just splintered so have had to send it back

  • Ashlene S.

    My wee girl got this at Christmas great sturdy piece except there was 3 screws short. Just glad I had ones in too.box. She just loves it.

  • Katie H.

    She would love this! Might need to purchase

  • Samantha P.

    I'd love to get him that but he's give me a list that is massive already :grimacing: xx

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