Wooden Puzzles £1.99 @ The Works

Wooden Puzzles £1.99 @ The Works

There are 3 different wooden puzzles for small children available at The Works at the moment, selling at £1.99 each. There’s no before price, so I’m  not sure what you’re saving, but still, £1.99 a piece isn’t a bad price as similar products with different names can cost as little as twice as much and more.

There aren’t massive amounts of stock left online, but you should still be able to grab a few nice pieces or even whole sets for under £6. Delivery will add £2.99 to your order or you can see what you find in your local store.

Available here and now are a Zoo puzzle with ten pieces – which is cute but does not accurately portray the animals, so you’ll be teaching shape matching and problem solving skills, but not real animal visuals.

The farm puzzle has nine pieces and much better colour representation, with the exception of the hen who finds herself an odd pink colour and the Construction set has 8-pieces with trucks and a workman.

I quite like that the boards on these sets are decorated according to the theme too. We have a few wooden puzzles and the boards give no indication of what set belongs in them, which makes it quite hard when your two year old has mixed all the pieces together!

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD


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