Wooden Diner Kitchen £100 @ ELC

Wooden Diner Kitchen £100 @ ELC

If you've been looking for a wooden play kitchen to take centre stage as the main present of the year - whether it be for Christmas or a birthday, or even a combined birthday and Christmas pressie - then look no further than this wooden diner kitchen that's up for grabs at the Early Learning Centre.

I would strongly advise against thinking 'I'll get round to that later' though, if past experience is anything to go by this wooden diner kitchen tend to go out of stock pretty quickly - things like this are always very popular, especially when it's been reduced from £150 down to £100.

Give me the choice between wood and plastic toys and I'll choose wood every time.  Not just because I'm PlayPennies' resident toy snob, but because there's just something fabulous about playing with something made from a natural material.

Just look at it - there's not a garish plastic toy colour in sight, it's solid, doesn't have any flashing lights and is fantastically retro.  It features a two-ring hob with dials, an oven, a sink, a microwave, chalkboard, cupboard, chopping board, hanging rail, work surface and lots of shelf space for storage - you can never have too much storage in a kitchen!

This has to be one of the best play kitchens I've seen in a long time and my inner toy snob approves too; amazing.

Thanks to staceymacdonald (no relation) at HUKD


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