Wooden Hammering Bench £1.47 @ Wilkinsons

26 September 2010

bench If you're looking for a cheap toddler toy that will give hours of fun, then look no further than this wooden hammering bench.

Kids love to bang things for various reasons

  1. it makes noise
  2. to see what happens
  3. it makes NOISE!

For such a simple toy - I mean, you're just hammering pegs in one side until they come out the other, then you flip it over and repeat - your little one will actually be learning a lot whilst playing with it.

  1. it  makes noise
  2. cause and effect - when you bang it makes noise, but the pegs move too
  3. motor skills and coordination - it takes control and accuracy to bash those pegs!

I love classic wooden toys like this and I'd go for wood over gawdy hideous plastic things every time (I don't, of course, include Lego Star Wars in that statement - my four-year-old would never forgive me!).

No batteries, no flashing lights, no beeping, no buzzing, just HAMMERING!

Such a brilliant little toy and Wilkinsons have reduced it from £3.49 down to £1.47.

Now I'll tell you the delivery charge (it's £4.95) but come on, there's a 'Wilcos' on almost every corner so skip down to your nearest one and pick this up for FREEEE (OR get someone else to do it when they're next in town if you're not going any time soon).

Thanks to goonertillidie over at HUKD!

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