Wooden Dolls House £19.99 @ The Entertainer

Wooden Dolls House £19.99 @ The Entertainer

If you're in the market for a wooden doll's house then you should pop over to The Entertainer and take a look at the wooden doll's house that they've reduced down to £19.99 from a whopping £79.99.

Whilst I've never been a fan of doll's houses, or anything 'dolly' for that matter, I have always been a fan of wooden toys - I'd even go as far as saying, and have on numerous occassions, that I'm a wooden toy snob; give me the choice of buying a bit of plastic tat for a few quid or paying more for something wooden, I'll go for the' pay more' and 'wood option' every time.

For all my lack of doll's house and playing 'harriet home-maker' empathy, I love that doll's houses don't require batteries, don't have any flashing lights, bells or whistles and require just 100% imaginative play; for that they're rather awesome.

This wooden doll's house is painted in pretty shades of pink, and its three stories measure 51.5cm.  It comes complete with two wooden dolls wearing pyjamas (I've NO idea why, but hey there's nothing wrong with lounging around in your PJs all day....well, sometimes!) and a wooden furniture set including a bed, dining table, an oven and a sink.

Some simple home assembly of your wooden doll's house is required but I'm lead to believe it's nothing too taxing - you won't need a degree in architecture or home construction.

If you have an Entertainer shop local to you then you'll be able to collect your wooden doll's house for free, otherwise you'll need to pay and additional £3.95 for home delivery.

Thanks to Civichyde at HUKD


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