Wooden Dolls House With 100 Pieces £49.99 @ Toys R Us

13 June 2012

Toys R Us are selling this Wooden Doll's House with 100 pieces for half price - £49.99 rather than £99.99.

I was never a doll or doll's house sort of girl - but if yours is, then this dolls house with its 100 pieces could just make her day.

My friend used to have a doll's house.  I was always fascinated with it but never wanted one - I seem to remember it had little table lamps that worked, but I'm hauling memories out of my brain from over 35 years ago so I might just be imaging a lot of it.

This Wooden Doll's House has four storeys, a hinged front and a removable roof; you're going to have to do a bit of self-building before the new owner can move all the furniture and bits and pieces in, but it shouldn't be anything too taxing or require a diploma from the guild of Master Builders.

Now, free delivery only kicks in at £50 so Toys R Us have been rather sneaky keeping this Wooden Doll's House just a penny below that - if you can't arrange to collect it from your nearest store then add something super cheap to your order to bring it over £50, or you can just pay the additional £4.95 and be done with it.

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