Winnie The Pooh Sweet Dreams Lightshow £17.99 @

Winnie The Pooh Sweet Dreams Lightshow £17.99 @

sleepThese gadgets are so useful that every home should have one. We had one that served beautifully when our daughter was a baby and then came back in use when the dark nights got too scary. Down from £24.99 to only £17.99 at this is a great investment for parental sleep.

The device is suitable from birth and features two different modes. The sleep modes ensure that baby winds down beautifully when put in the cot and the wake-up mode reassures and calms them as they wake up.

This even features a voice activation mode that triggers off a lightshow and lullabies if baby ssleep2tarts crying. Parents can push the different character heads to activate different sound effects and it has a five or 10 minute auto-shut off period.

We absolutely loved ours. We would turn it on during the night routine to get her used to the songs with human contact and soon she would listen to the music and fall asleep without any problems. This saved us time and time again.

Thanks to cherish138 at HUKD!


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