Winnie The Pooh Interactive Friend Review

26 November 2011

The Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend is another of the big Christmas gifts of 2011 and Amazon sent it to us for review. This toy won far more points for me than the FurReal Friends Cookie pup, not only because it is just so much more fun.

You start out by programming your interactive Winnie the Pooh by pressing his nose or hand according to the instructions. You set the time of day and then proceed to schedule your child’s daily routine, from waking up to lunchtime to night routine. It is a fiddly procedure, a tad confusing at first, and took me three tries to get right.

I did get a bit irritated with it, if I am honest, as the instructions are fairly vague. However, once I got the idea it was quick enough to fix and sort out. Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend will now talk to your child at specific times of the day saying things like, “Oooh, I’ve got a rumbly in my tumbly” when it’s time to eat, or, “I am so very tired” when it’s bed time.

When my daughter is at school Winnie has given me more than one start of surprise by talking while I’ve been working away at my desk. It’s rather funny.

Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend is very cuddly and soft, he comes with a honey pot and spoon, and he can play hide and seek. A press of his hand or nose starts up a game and you hide him and your child hears his cues to find him. It’s really cute.

Overall this is definitely a winner for me. The price is decent, the interactivity brilliant, and the fact you can play games with him is fab. He doesn’t respond to voice commands but this seems a small price to pay. A fabulous Christmas gift for any child and the price is reduced on Amazon at the moment.


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