Winnie The Pooh Glow-In-The-Dark Bedtime Friend £7.49 @ Argos on Ebay

If you pop over to Argos on eBay then you'll be able to pick up a Winnie the Pooh glow-in-the-dark Bedtime Friend for £7.49 ( plus £1.99 postage); Play are currently selling him for £17.49.

I was scared of the dark when I was little.  Well, I wasn't scared of the dark as such, it was more what might be in the dark that I couldn't see that bothered me.

For the last couple of weeks me and my daughter have noticed a blue glow coming from one of our next door neighbour's upstairs windows, we've pondered over what it could be and on Friday Elise decided she'd had enough and went round to ask what it was.

It turns out it's a night light for their youngest son, Wibby (I can never remember what his real name is, William I think).  So now we know it's a night light and we also know that it isn't a Winnie the Pooh glow-in-the-dark Bedtime Friend because he glows a yellowy colour.

You don't need batteries for him either as he's charged up by direct sunlight - not sure what you do on a cloudy day, but at least you won't be spending a fortune in batteries.

Thanks to SeeBell at HUKD 

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  • emmajk42
    Radioactive Pooh!

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