Wilson Baseball Junior Glove and Ball Set £9.89 @ Sendit

baseball CATCH!  Just watch out for the ball with the wicked spin.

In the movies, when there are big problems to be solved or issues that need to be tackled, it seems that by far the quickest and most effective solution is to put on a baseball mitt and throw a ball around for a while.

If the issues require the help of a parent then this baseball 'therapy' becomes a two-way thing; parent throws ball for child - child catches ball, or parent throws ball for child - child hits ball back to parent - parent catches ball a n d repeat until the problem is solved!

It's a romantic notion I know, although I do have it on good authority from an American friend of mine that this is actually something they REALLY do - well, I want me a piece of that! (said in my best dodgy US accent).

This Wilson baseball glove and ball set looks to be just the thing!  It comes with a 24" rubber wood bat, 9 1/2" phthalate-free PVC Baseball glove (I have no idea what phthalate is but I'm sure it's important info' for some people),  a 9" soft ball and batting glove.

Just picture it, warm summer evenings batting and catching the ball back and forth with your kids....ahhhh this is the stuff childhoods are made of.

Thanks to millarcat over at HUKD!

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