Wilkinson - Up To Half Price Sale Starts Today

Wilkinson - Up To Half Price Sale Starts Today

WilkinsonWilkinson sale - up to half price off selected items - starts today. On the website, the furniture sale is heavily promoted on the front page, but click through to the other sections to see the sales there. According to the original poster at HUKD, the half price sale instore covers toys, confectionary and decorations. Time to stock up for next Christmas!

The sale in the Garden and Health & Beauty sections is billed as 'our biggest ever sale'. As someone who has a garden desperate for some TLC I was very intersted in this. There are some amazing bargains. The rose pergola, for example, reduced from £150 to £75. I have always wanted a rose pergola! Unfortunately, I've never wanted to do all the work to get the roses growing around it. There's fifty quid off the bike shed - something I think every family garden needs especially if you've got kids who like to get REALLY muddy.

According to the poster on our sister site HUKD, not everything is stickered in store, but the shelf will say everything is half price.

Could be handy if you've still got a few toys to get for the Christmas stocking. Personally I'm avoiding even LOOKING at the toy sale section on the website for fear of finding stuff I've already brought considerably cheaper!

Thanks to Bargeinion at HUKD!


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