Whistling Nerf Dart Tag Darts (36 Of Them) £3.50 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling 36 Nerf Dart Tags for £3.50 rather than £6.16.

If you've had Nerf guns in your life for a little while, like I have, you may have also come to a similar conclusions to me as well:  Nerf darts are, to boys, the same as hair grips and hair bands are to us girls - you buy packs and pack of them and then, one-by-one, they disappear to the place where all the other lost things go, never to be seen again!

There were two young boys playing outside with their Nerf guns the other day and I dread to think how many Nerf darts they lost during the EPIC battle they were having - I found one of them in our back garden, and a couple on the front lawn too, the morning after.

Now, these Nerf Dart Tag darts are compatible with any Nerf Tag Blaster, they whistle too - extra Nerf bunce for kids, extra annoyance for anyone who has to listen them whistling around for hours - and have special tips that stick the targets on Dart Tag jerseys (which you can buy separately) and, according to reviews, normal woolly jumpers as well:

What can I say - this was great fun. Having these darts stick to jumpers and trousers is a great bonus and you can hear them whistle as they fly past! Recommended if your Nerf gun can take them as ammo

Refill so not a lot more to say. Give you plenty to shoot around the house. Actually found you can bouncy them off the wall to hit somebody behind you if you are good

If you have a Nerf fan in your family, then you're never going to be stuck for a little something to buy them ever again!

Thanks to striker33 at HUKD

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