Where To Buy Yellies! Voice Activated Spider Pet

Where To Buy Yellies! Voice Activated Spider Pet

Have your kids been asking for Yellies! for Christmas? The ad runs seemingly non-stop on kids tv channels, so if they're on your Christmas shopping list we can help you find them, and at the best prices.

Here's where to buy Yellies! Voice Avtivated Spider Pets:

In Stock / Pre-Order:

What are Yellies?

Yellies! are one of the top toys for Christmas 2018, so they're very much in demand and selling very fast. They are voice activated spider pets, that go faster the louder your voice is! You can yell (oh joy), talk, sing, clap, or play music to make them move, and their eyes light up as they whizz around.

There are six different characters to collect, with cute names like Bo Dangles, Flufferpuff, Peeks and Harry Scoots. They're suitable for children aged five and over, and have an RRP of £12.99.

If you can bear your child screaming at a toy spider so that it scoots at top speed towards you then this is the toy for you. My kids have asked for them and they know I have a phobia of creepy crawlies, so wish me luck.

Ok so Bo Dangles is kinda cute, I think maybe they're growing on me.

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  • Kimberley S.

    do you think the girls would like these xxx:joy:

    • Laura A.

      this would be a winner for Noah! :joy:

      • Jen W.

        could you imagine the boys? They’d be crying :joy:

        • Lisa B.

          think really wants one lol xxx

          • Meg W.

            I want to buy Ted and George these :joy::joy::joy:

            • Emma R.

              I just ordered one :joy::joy:

              • Katie W.

                They have one in the corner of the bathroom :spider::spider_web: no more allowed

                • Laura H.

                  I got these for my son they are hilarious

                  • Jennifer E.

                    Yes they get delivered tomorrow xx

                    • Kay T.

                      That's wot I thought haha I got Ollie either th blue or pink one I can't remember now haha I'm gonna video th first time he uses it tho haha xx

                      • Daniel T.

                        These things look amazing I definitely think everybody should have one!!

                        • Stacey M.

                          I’m buying it for Robyn!!!

                          • Cheryl C.

                            these are too cute to be scary :joy:

                            • Kirsty M.

                              Ordered the boys one :joy: xx

                              • Stephanie H.

                                Oh god I seen these yday :joy:

                                • Sophie E.

                                  does it come out a cage? X

                                  • Natalie E.

                                    I think so he saw it on the telly xx