Where To Buy WowWee Fingerlings Monkeys In The UK 2017

Where To Buy Fingerlings In The UK 2017

My daughter was the first one to tell me that she 'NEEDS' some WowWee Fingerlings Monkeys! Apparently she had seen them on You Tube and they are everywhere! Your little one may already be nagging you for them or may have mentioned that they would like them for Christmas. If so you'll have to grab one quickly as these sell out FAST!

In Stock/Pre-Order

Alika Unicorn

Gemma Unicorn

Gigi Unicorn

Out Of Stock

Gigi Unicorn

These cute little baby monkeys are interactive and have over 50 animations to let you know how they feel. They can swing from things and respond to sound and touch. They even blow you a kiss!

The best part is they respond to other monkeys in the collection and interact. There are several colours to collect so maybe purchase more than one to get the most from your Fingerlings Monkey.

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  • Vicky R.

    These are amazing! Think i'll get myself one aswell :joy:

  • Cheryl S.

    Never heard of them till now so glad my two don't follow the crazes x

  • Emma Z.

    is this what u wete on about

  • Jordan L.

    We will get him one then!:thumbsup:xx

  • Jade B.

    Are these good? Worth a buy? X

    • Sara F.

      Amelia's got the purple one babe. It's sooo cute haha. I think I like it more lmao. But yeah definitely worth the buy xxx

  • Tracy C.

    Yes, it's already on there Christmas list lol

  • Louise S.

    I got one from the entertainer in the end xx

  • Karen B.

    Holly loves hers! She's been watching them On YouTube! She now knows how to make it burp etc :joy:

  • Alan P.

    Ok that's us sorted for her birthday

  • Shareen H.

    Misha has Mia(purple) and Sophie(white) she got them for her bday she loves them!!! They are so cute!!

  • Carol B.

    Got enough monkeys in this house

  • Donna B.

    They say over 50 phrases and they interact if you have more than 1 x I might just have to get one for them all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Karen B.

    I ordered one of these off Amazon for £10.98 the sellers name was something like Jameeleha DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM I had to be refunded because they did not send it

  • Karen B.

    Tesco also have them for just under £15.00

  • Stephanie H.

    Eek quick, off to the shops we go then, if cody doesn't get one I'll be in the dog house with chase

  • Carly S.

    Got one for my little girl the other day. They are cute but all it does is makes little noises and shakes it's head. Unless I'm missing something?? Xx

  • Lucy L.

    She loves them...I hate them!

  • Elena P.

    Might have to get myself down to the entertainer! Xx

  • Charlotte N.

    Yh seen these ones this morn! Argos have sold out x

  • Lauren C.

    Oh typical! Mums just ordered the girls two of the normal ones!!! Never mind!

  • Rachel P.

    I know, I was going to get her that one. X

  • Sarah C.

    Glitter ones!!! Ahhh!!! Do I dare get another? x :see_no_evil:

  • Lisa L.

    It's for her birthday so need it before then. Last time I looked it said from 6th Oct

  • Lucee P.

    Yhh ive put me email for when theyy backkk innn :see_no_evil: its another year like the hatchimalsss :sleeping:

  • Laura H.

    I got one today lol thanks thou Hun x

  • Danielle B.

    The entertainer have some in stock x

  • Jen P.

    Ooh glitter ones :heart_eyes: Tbh though considering she badly wanted one she hardly ever picks it up :thinking: xx

  • Jo S.

    Lauren’s requested one for her birthday and Amy wants one as her present on Lauren’s birthday. Ordered and hopefully arriving in time. I saw them for weeks in the Entertainer before they got popular. Would never have guessed they’d be the next big thing.

  • Carrie R.

    something for your girls maybe?? Xx

    • Tamara L.

      I was just looking at these! Lol x

    • Tamara L.

      Unicorn ones wanted in this house. Will have to buy them from toys r us

    • Carrie R.

      Defintely :grinning: so cute :heart_eyes:

  • Rebecca A.

    just incase you need a unicorn one! X

  • Jodie M.

    It's a shame that there are so many fake ones on eBay that people will unknowingly purchase. A Fingerling was no.1 on my daughters Christmas list and it was so hard finding one (finally nabbed one at Smyths in store) so this list is really useful.

  • Eleanor W.

    You need to order me 1 lol xoxo

  • Charlotte N.

    Thanks hun.....i know argos told me they had them bk in stock 13th oct! Should have ordered them ages ago, so annoyed with myself x

  • Kerry M.

    They will come back in hun just keep Checking. Other places may have them x

  • Laura B.

    Pre ordered from Where? X

  • Kelly H.

    i'll try and get her one before they sell out. I've not even seen them not know what they do but I know they are very popular think they are one of the top toys for Christmas :blush:

  • Sarah B.

    Get them asap if your getting them

  • Laura B.

    Kids havnt mentioned them x

  • Maria B.

    Pre ordered the glitter one woo :slight_smile:

  • Stacey B.

    Funny enough they do. :joy:. X

  • Laura S.

    Argos. Had to pre order it coz it was out of stock but came back in in 2 days n they was in the 3 for 2 offer but that's finished now xx

  • Sarah P.

    At least you got one then x

  • Kayleigh H.

    Did you manage to get the purple one ? Xx

  • Rebecca S.

    Yes I've ordered it but I love the unicorn! Xx

  • Louise B.

    already done the glitter ones lol.. pre order at the entertainer £17 each x

  • Lisa L.

    Dawn Dawson...for your grandbaby?

  • Nickala K.

    :heart: shall have a little look right now!! Thanks chick. Also managed to bag a luvabella and big lol surprise on Friday!! Lucky little girlies :relaxed: xx

  • Nickala K.

    2 glitter ones pre-ordered :heart: Thankyou, you're a star :star2: xx

  • Kenda G.

    Hahaha these are actually quite cute

  • Louise P.

    Thank you. Undecided on them. Waiting to see if tilly actually wants one yet xx

  • Jo R.

    get preordered for home delivery!!!

  • Laura R.

    Tried ordering out of Argos but out of stock, will get hold of one before Xmas :blush::blush: thanks xx

  • Tina L.

    Gracie has one of them and has more on her list lol

    • Sarah R.

      There is a unicorn one coming out. x

    • Tina L.

      Wow she would definitely want that one

  • Zoe C.

    I got a swing set of 2 of them today for both kids to share save arguments :joy:

  • Jeni E.

    she will lose it within a day!!!!! And she will have her furby!

  • Fiona S.

    Yes I asked for them in the toy shop - they didn't have any and said they're selling out everywhere, so if you see them buy them :flushed::joy: x

  • Natalie T.

    Haha! Well done, she will LOVE it!! Xx

  • Fiona S.

    Thank you for the tip :wink:x

  • Lou E.

    Olis desp for these too xx

  • Nikki P.

    What exactly do these do anyone know?

  • Amy J.

    Oh good spot thanks mush xxxx

  • H P.

    this link says they’re out of stock in basically every shop! But I’ll keep looking x

  • Sarah F.

    OMG :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: think I want one lol x

  • Naomi B.

    Amazing! Would love one ha x

  • Rachel W.

    Omg I can't let Finlay see this:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. I want one :grin:

  • Natalie O.

    Omg that's class that is xxxxx

  • Shelley E.

    Got one! Pre ordered it last week and picked it up the next day! Thanks though xx

  • Joanne W.

    Awww. Out of stock in Plymouth!

  • Stephanie G.

    They are so cute! Bought this for my daughter:heart_eyes:

  • Carolyn B.

    Omg it is so cute. I think I need one too

  • Mhairi S.

    I want one too they’re adorable :heart_eyes:

  • Toni K.

    They r out of stock already :rolling_eyes::see_no_evil: x

  • Dawn W.

    Got her a monkey already but I do like the sloth; there’s a unicorn too x

  • Toni M.

    Got mine already for my son so cute

  • Gavin D.

    there is stock in the hull smtyhs toys x

  • Emma B.

    Collection is miles away :see_no_evil:

  • Hayley G.

    Omg! If I see 2 anywhere I'll get them x

  • Leah B.

    Out of stock already :weary: it's only been 26 minutes haha x

  • Laura C.

    Just looked and out of stock

  • Natércia C.

    They are out of stock already! Nx

  • Victoria T.

    Just got them! Thanks so much xxx

  • Anna L.

    Ah right. Good luck. Seems everyone's wanting them atm.

  • Jade G.

    She has the monkey but I think she would love the sloth lol, I think they are rubbish, hatchimals all over again haaa c

  • Fay P.

    In stock crayford click n collect x

  • Fay P.

    I don't whether to get one or not!!! x

  • Leanne B.

    I got the monkey ones just for stocking fillers xx

  • Fran T.

    Oh thanks :heart: they came back in stock on amazon and they arrived last week xx

  • Emma S.

    I got mine in aberdeen smyths last week

  • Toni K.

    Thanks...Crazy how fast they r selling out. The Entertainer website have posted that they won’t be getting new stock til new year. X

  • Kirsty T.

    omg omg omg i need this one.

  • Fay P.

    I mentioned them to Owen yesterday and showed him, he wasn't really bothered! I suppose come January they will all be taking them to school! :see_no_evil: I've reserved a pair just in case! x

  • Clare-Marie O.

    Oh my actual God!!!! This is life!! X

  • Carly Q.

    Thankfully preorderednon Friday x

  • Nicky T.

    Gonna preorder tomorrow as think that’s gonna be the santa present.x

  • Catherine G.

    The white ones in the link aren’t fake. There are many fake ones available, you have to check which one you’re ordering. I just ordered a white one and it’s a wowee one for sure.

  • Judy L.

    Symths have all colours available on pre order, I ordered 3 different colours today, they will be in my store next Friday.

    • Jessica O.

      Hi did u do the pre order with smyths. I tried it but then because there is no stock it wouldn’t let me select the delivery ? Xx

  • Kim R.

    Ive got one thanks though xx

  • Lucy D.

    Thank you. Managed to preorder one :smiley:

  • Bev B.

    Thank you I have one pre ordered xxx

  • Charlene A.

    Thanks... I ordered one from Entertainer this morn... was meant to be in on 16th Dec and now delayed to 20th... hopefully they won't delay it further!!

  • Chloe C.

    Entertainer are pre-order :blush: probably purple or pink x

  • Kirsty S.

    Thanks! I can’t seem to find the option to Pre order the blue one on smyths x

  • Lorraine L.

    I got one yayyyyyyy a purple one!!! Xxx

  • Julie B.

    Ye it’s still not letting me pre order beck doing me head in xx

  • Miriam D.

    Got 2 on pre order hopefully they will arrive :joy::joy::joy:

  • Karen N.

    Smyths had a baby sloth a couple of weeks ago!!!! Now he IS cute !!

  • Katy W.

    How do u pre-order theses??x

  • Susan I.

    I’ve got one I’ve got one I’ve got one :joy::joy: I got it last week but thank you :kissing_heart:

  • Samantha R.

    Sloth available to pre order at smyths

  • Jill R.

    They just arrived tonight.... after I’d expressed my disappointment :joy::joy:

  • Katy J.

    I'm hanging on in there for a black one!

  • Natalie L.

    Thanks Hun I have one on the way :pray_tone1: xx

  • Emilie S.

    We’re to buy possessed monkeys lol I will defo need two or they’ll fight xxx

  • Lorna S.

    I’ve finally ordered one from entertainer available to pick up 20th December :astonished: best be bloody worth it lol xx

  • Anu B.

    They have turquoise again now for 14.99 x

  • Helen M.

    I got a pink one for Mae :thumbsup_tone2::smiley:

  • Emma B.

    You have to make sure the seller is Amazon not someone else.

  • Trudi A.

    Ta Hun I’ll have a look xx

  • Jaimee S.

    I’m not getting sucked into this again! Last years hatchimal saga was quite enough. :see_no_evil:

    • Shelley S.

      I have unicorn ones for the girls already. :unicorn: x

    • Shelley S.

      I’ve been on a right mission finding one for L, so getting my hands on 3 of the unicorn ones was a right result. Not ashamed to admit I done a victory dance in Toys R Us.

  • Carla S.

    Just checked. Out of stock but I’ve got one now. Thank you :blush: xx

  • Samantha H.

    Thanks managed to get Mine from amazon so panic over, x

  • Jaimee R.

    Got one a long time ago but thanks

  • Lauren P.

    If You have Amazon prime they have them available to pre order. I ordered last night and it will be with me Saturday.

    • Lauren P.

      They only have purple left now

  • Louise E.

    They are all out of stock xx

  • Carrie I.

    Purple in stock on amazon prime xx

  • Nicola F.

    Got mine last month. Got 3 including the swing set. X

  • Laura H.

    Thank you lovely! A friend from Cornwall has located some for me thank god :joy: xx

  • Laura L.

    Lol :joy: I’ve got one on pre order phew xx

  • Gillian O.

    Thanks pal, I’ll get it this weekend xxx

  • Nicola M.

    It's saying Glasgow have 15+ available. Just won't let you click and collect so it should be ok XxX

  • Martina F.

    Doesn’t allow to pick colours though?

  • Becky A.

    Just reserved one for her got to pick it up Wednesday!xx

  • Michelle C.

    Out of stock just checked x

  • Kirsty C.

    Thanks Hun. It’s the unicorn we need. Exclusive to Toys r us :slight_frown: xx

  • Kate P.

    Thanks, just reserved two xx

  • Sian L.

    I’ve reserved some too :blush:

  • Emma H.

    Just reserved mine :heart:

  • Sarah E.

    Thanks chuck just reserved a couple for ruby & holly x

  • Lynne M.

    Got them just waiting on smyths for pick up.

  • Suzanne Y.

    Thank you... just checked It’s still showing out of stock I’ll keep checking though xx

  • Claire M.

    Tried. Said buy and collect then wouldnt let me purchase. :-(

  • Karen M.

    I tried ordering one and it told me to check my emails to see if I managed to get one?? Anyone else get the same? I've not had any email yet!

  • Nichola T.

    I don’t think they are worth the money? X

  • Becky K.

    None available where I live :disappointed:

  • Carolyn J.

    You are a :star:! :kissing_heart: xxx

  • Kirsty S.

    Thaaaaaaanks :blush::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: xx

  • Carolyn J.

    Just ordered 2 for collection on Wednesday! Here's hoping they actually arrive! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

  • Phillipa S.

    Reserved 8 this morning lol xx

  • Sarah L.

    My girls better play with them every second after all this hassle :joy:. No worries Hun xx

  • Stephanie T.

    Thanks lovely. Just checked and Pontardawe have them in 4 days but can't pick colour so ill reserve and ask them when I collect for blue :grimacing: fingers crossed. Xx

  • Jade E.

    Managed to reserve 2 thank you xx

  • Katy B.

    I got mine from amazon few weeks ago :relaxed: xx

  • Joanna P.

    Just ordered two!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Hayley C.

    Hoping my order comes in to the entertainer on 20th Dec! X

  • Lucy G.

    Too late out of stock again :unamused:

  • Sammie L.

    You can ask to view them Hun before you buy. Ask them to grab one of every colour xx

  • Chanel H.

    i might pop to charlton this afternoon and see what they have x

  • Emily D.

    They brought out every colour when I asked to see what they had. Defo worth getting there for 9

  • Lisa S.

    Cheers Hun xx all reserved Thank god for that x

  • Kathryn B.

    Cant get in northern ireland stores!

  • Elizabeth J.

    Thanks so much! I've just got my daughter one xx

  • Vanessa O.

    Thank you so much Hun managed to reserve a couple thanks x

  • Louise K.

    Speke Argos says order now, collect in two days xx

  • Emma G.

    Got mine from argos last night :thumbsup_tone1:

    • Charlotte H.

      I managed to get one at the Weekend

  • Barbara E.

    It's only pink ones that are £14 :rage::rage::rage:

  • Chanelle C.

    Got one! Thank you so much. MY little girl will Be so happy! X

  • Becky S.

    I ordered one last night :monkey:

  • Lisa B.

    Thank you so much Your a star....all ordered I just hope it arrives in time. Xx

  • Courtney G.

    Thanks hun. I’ve got now one thank god xx

  • Louise B.

    Nope, when I went to check out, no longer available, jesus, how quick do you need to be! :anguished:

  • Emma C.

    I think I missed it and they’re gone :sob:

  • Shelley C.

    Select pink and they’re 14.99

  • Annie C.

    ...just had a look, it said pink was £14.99 on Amazon if you scroll through colours.xx

  • Gillian S.

    I've bought a pink and purple already xx

  • Charlotte B.

    I went to toys r us in broughton I’ve got a unicorn one and a pink monkey :grin: thank you xxx

  • Louise W.

    Thanks. Theyre out of stock already though ahhhh...

  • Lizzie H.

    I have 1 but she wants a blue one. This is only pink!! Xx

  • Laura B.

    I’ll keep an eye out Xxx

  • Emma D.

    Brilliant no more stress :joy::joy:

  • Tara H.

    I got 2 in smyths with the play gym!! Xx

  • ZC R.

    Toys r us Brent Cross had pink purple and light blue an hour ago.

  • Courtney-anne F.

    Out of stock already :sob:

  • Courtney-anne F.

    Dammit!!!! Just checked Argos as was told they were in stock this morning and they’re already out of stock!! Gunna wait until after Christmas I think lol! Xx

  • Michaela D.

    It’s like them bloody lol things :joy: n the hatchimals last year x

  • Diane F.

    Bloody all sold out

  • Natalie R.

    Out of stock again :see_no_evil:thank you for trying xx

  • Tasha B.

    Aww thanks. I preordered. So hope it comes xx

  • Samantha H.

    Look like they are all gone.

  • Leila S.

    Cannot find one of these anywhere!!!

  • Katie C.

    I've got 2!!! :grin: my search can now stop! Lol xx

  • Suzanne Y.

    I’ve got one there was one in stock at Argos yesterday xx

  • Ella D.

    Out of stock everywhere, crazy so glad I've got one for molly x

  • Tasha L.

    Toys r us in town have em my mate brought 1 today x

  • Sharon B.

    Not the colours mine want :persevere:

  • Ashley C.

    Oh no I was too late :grimacing:

  • Veronica P.

    Out of stock on all links I checked. :(

  • Rachel T.

    Thanks love! When I clicked through they’re showing out of stock :see_no_evil:I’ll keep checking though!xx

  • Claire F.

    Thanks! Out of stock :pensive:x

  • Katie S.

    Thankyou! Il have a look xxx

  • Danielle H.

    I managed to reserve one in Argos Motherwell I just hope it's a blue one lol xx

  • Sarah B.

    Ordered them I think from France, wish me luck :-)

  • Dolawen B.

    I got one today from argos

  • Gillian L.

    you can still order....just need to put the site address into google translate to make it easier :flushed: seen a few folk who have done that x

  • Lian R.

    You can get the pink one from amazon for £14.99. xx

  • Stacey P.

    thank you lovely, I got some at the weekend! yippee xx

  • Jane G.

    Argos had some on deliver only

  • Emma B.

    Smyths have them to preorder. Some due in beginning dec, other colours mid dec. Have the sloth too.

    • Charlotte R.

      How do you pre-order? It's not bringing up an option for me to do it x

    • Emma B.

      Oh rly. Lets u change store and it let me, for either delivert or collection. I preordered mine way back in oct haha.

  • Catherine R.

    Got Maisie 3 of these :joy::joy:xxx

  • Angela C.

    Out of stock already :see_no_evil:

  • Lorraine H.

    We used to cslled these peekaboos I think x

  • Charlotte H.

    I managed to get one on Saturday at argos up where my sister lives near Portsmouth.

  • Sophie P.

    I could have got a unicorn one. But my son had no interest. Now he says he wants one and it's the only thing he wants. And if I can't get one it doesn't matter because Santa will bring him one :scream::scream::scream::scream:

  • Fiona M.

    Ordered 2 for my girls from amazon France . Fingers crossed they are on their way:grinning:

  • Tay P.

    Yeh I’ve pre ordered them :grimacing::pray_tone1: x

  • Hels G.

    Just got 2 white ones amazon!

  • LJ N.

    Keep checking, I just got a white one

  • Carla A.

    Thanks Hun - Amazon no and smyths out of stock and no option to re order - apparently smyths have them in stock between 1-8th December x

  • Nikki G.

    Aw thank you i managed to get the last one in argos :slight_smile: wooo xx

  • Emma H.

    I ain’t prime and I ve just ordered one x

  • Emma S.

    Oh must be different then? The one I ordered you do have to be prime because they were reserved for prime customers but you can sign up for free and cancel in 30 days. I’m keeping mine running though because I’m getting a firestick for xmas that’ll use prime x

  • Steph C.

    I’ve sourced one in Dubai :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: I’m worried their fakes x

  • Stacey W.

    thanks I actually ordered one from Amazon and it said delivery between 12 and 18th December but then had an email to say would be here Saturday :thumbsup_tone3:x

  • Nicola F.

    The pink one is pre-order on amazon prime for Dec 7th at £14.99 - phew!

  • Amanda M.

    Argos in Sainsburys Longbridge have them in stock...

  • Bex S.

    Yessssss you beaut! Thanks soooo much, have just ordered one xx

  • Sarah S.

    Just got one from West Brom! Thank you x

  • Kerry L.

    Just managed to get a pink one. They keep coming and going

  • Wendy D.

    Just had 2 in toys r is Swansea thay are behind customers service desk

  • Emma F.

    :joy: they are already out of stock

  • Joanne F.

    Can pre order the pink one on Amazon prime

  • Fallon G.

    Thanks lovely I’ve managed to get some! X x

  • Fallon G.

    Thank you! I have managed to get some xx

  • Hannah L.

    Thanks. I’ve managed to preorder one from smyths :grin:x

  • Emma H.

    Thanks. Still only pink and white though, or the sloth for click and collect miles away!

  • Rebecca T.

    Preordered it at Smyths! Thanks xx

  • Lorna J.

    Do these little things dont do anything ? Just cling onto a finger.....

  • Nikki M.

    yeah they have the sloth but wee pain wants a black monkey :joy::joy: his birthday is January so if I don’t get for Christmas he can get for birthday x

  • Nic N.

    Was on this this morning. Been trying all day. Just managed to reserve one near me. Thank you :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Michala W.

    Just ordered! Amazon! Not one with blanket but got one! X

  • Zoe M.

    We had to order them online xx

  • Kirsty M.

    I've got the sloth ones on pre order at smyths, but thank you x

  • Lisa B.

    Just ordered mine, phew!!! Will now have 2 happy children :smiley:

    • Jenna C.

      These ones are genuine I have already had two. You just need to make sure the seller is wow wee and shipped by Amazon lots of people seem to be getting ones they have received from third party suppliers on Amazon mixed up.

  • Mary B.

    aww thank you...clikced through but colour i wanted was gone! am not paying the £69.99 price tag from another seller..!! will keep hunting (bloody things!) xx

  • Sam D.

    Thank you nat, I’ll have a look xx

  • Tonii B.

    Says in stock Dec 10th...must have missed them haha xx

  • Sophie P.

    Thank you :) I managed to nab one from Amazon last night x

  • Bethh P.

    Thank you. I’ll get ordering.

  • Emma B.

    Unfortunately it’s the blue and black ones that you can’t get hold of unless you want to pay ridiculous money. the ones boys want. :tired_face:

    • Olivia M.

      I've just been to argos and got the blue one. Been after for so long lol x

    • Beki P.

      We got ours Morrison's for £14 each

    • Paula K.

      Keep looking on very I managed to get the blue & black both from there last week on pre order, delivery due 15/12 an they come today x

  • Maria G.

    Smyths had stock to pre order too x

  • Tara H.

    Thanks will order tomorrow xx

  • Claire P.

    If any still needs one a lot of argos stores have got them back in stock today ive just ordered mine xx

  • Victoria G.

    Thank you just ordered one xx

  • Chiara P.

    Smyths say they should be coming in in the next week so we shall see

  • Jenna C.

    The real ones are interactive and I don't think the fakes are.

  • Jenna C.

    The ones on Amazon by the seller wow wee as linked above and shipped by Amazon are genuine but there's alot of fakes by other companies on Amazon.

  • Lisa M.

    Argos still out of stock in Swindon and surrounding areas xx

  • Jenna C.

    Can still preorder they will then dispatch when in stock.

  • Kay B.

    Bizarrely I was just looking at this!! So now Liam wants one too :persevere: thanks love :kissing_heart:

  • Sharon M.

    I’m going to get him for Ray! X

  • Jennafer R.

    Thank you :blush: managed to get her a couple last night on amazon so panic over lol xx

  • Christy M.

    Thanks guys I'll take a look x

  • Kelly H.

    It's only for prime members hon xx

  • Beky S.

    Oooo there is some on amazon xx

  • Melissa W.

    I’ve got one on reserve at Argos! :grinning:

  • Leigh R.

    haha they fart this is hilarious :joy::joy: xx

  • Peter T.

    Got it other day from amazon :heart:

  • Vicky H.

    I saw this Riley wants the blue 1.. :thinking: x

  • Lisa S.

    I got a pink one.....I think.....:joy::joy::joy::joy: x

  • Elizabeth M.

    Ive ordered them already x

  • Lucy G.

    Got a white one!! Others were £70!!!

  • Debbie T.

    He only wants black one x

  • Sarah M.

    I ordered them this morning thank you :grin: xxxxx

  • Claire C.

    i ordered off here months ago still havent got them

  • Jenny G.

    I got 1 thanks from entertainer yest xd

  • Karli L.

    I had one from Amazon UK and it is genuine x

  • Gemma C.

    Ive just ordered one, Amazon are normally great at returns anyway so if it looks dodgy it's going back! Some of the reviews state they paid less than the going price from the market place which is to be expected they'll be fake if you pay less.

  • Emma W.

    Mine came yesterday. It’s genuine and sold by WowWee. Shipping from the Netherlands by the looks of it.

  • Hayley R.

    Yep mine came yesterday and is genuine.

  • Jaime H.

    Got some Newquay Argos has them xxxx

  • Lynette G.

    Got the unicorn one coming this week. The monkeys were sold out for ages so I panicked! Lol I think she’ll like the unicorn :unicorn: better anyway. X

  • Sally K.

    Got 1 :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

  • Natasha C.

    So frustrating :unamused::unamused: we wanted the unicorn one. It’s like gold dust :joy::joy: xx

  • Kelly O.

    Mine are on their way!! :heart_eyes:

  • Lynsey W.

    I got one from amazon at £14.99 and genuine one. Says wow wee on the back

  • Jemma W.

    Thanks hun I got mine now xx

  • Samantha C.

    Oooo got one estimated delivery 22-25th December :joy::joy: thank you xxxxxx

  • Claire W.

    :monkey::monkey:So stressful if you want them!

  • Naomi H.

    Thank you but sold out :confused:

  • Michelle D.

    Saw that this morning! Waiting on my sister’s order coming today. Fingers crossed.

  • Yaz K.

    Ahh yeah mums been after them for a while and everywhere is literally all sold out. :weary: xx

  • Kylie T.

    If you order the amazon ones in stock on 17th xx

  • Debz A.

    had purple fingerlings in asda yestday

  • Tracy B.

    OMG I just got one!!!!! Thank you!!!!x

  • Rachel R.

    Managed to get some phew x

  • Nikki H.

    I ordered and mine said December 18th and I received mine 3 days later, this was on the 1st December? Maybe worth the gamble xx

  • Sarah P.

    Thanks pal I’ve managed to get some now though :kissing_heart: xx

  • Jessica T.

    Some Tesco stores have them in. I got two from Consett and Kingston Park have loads on the shelf :blush:

  • Sarah R.

    Smyths northampton have some x

  • Heidi W.

    Thank you, I've got someone on the case tonight! Smyths have them in stock! My friend is going now for me. xx

  • care10

    Monkeys & Unicorns in stock here only £6.99 plus £2.99 PP, but you get  charged PP for each item.


  • Lauzy87

    any idea where I can buy one from? Worried about buying a fake. Tia

  • Lisa S.

    I just saw this we managed to get him the one he wanted xx

  • Caroline L.

    I dunno lol. I cant believe that you cant get them anywhere. Just try going onto smyths website?xx

  • Annalee W.

    There already gone :weary: xxxx

  • Caroline B.

    Thanks chick....i got this last night when it was in stock for like 8 minutes so I am good :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::grin::kissing_smiling_eyes:

  • Rachel M.

    Yay cheers just ordered them :smiley: xx

  • Sophie R.

    Luckily I managed to get them last week, but thank you xxx

  • Hannah W.

    Thank you got one now smiths said out of stock but our store had some glad I checked

  • Chelsea H.

    I've got one now thank you xx

  • Shannon R.

    Yeey just orderd him one!! Finally!! Xx

  • Lisa D.

    Thankyou PlayPennies - got one for my niece x

  • Helen H.

    Can add to my basket but cannot check either home delivery or collect, both options are greyed out (I am signed in) although both say will be in time for Christmas!

  • Alana M.

    Thanks - got a pink one :sparkling_heart:. Need blue now :blue_heart:

  • Lucy W.

    Ordered one, thank you :)

  • Nicola B.

    I managed to get one!! Hurray!! Even if it did cost £20 including delivery!

  • Debbie L.


  • Rachael J.

    I need a blue or black but still out of stock x

    • Rachael J.

      My local tesco have just put them out on the shelf x

    • Rachael J.

      Wath upon dearne tesco. Just got pink, purple n turquoise x

    • Kylie L.

      I managed to get a black one last Sunday from Argos. Keep checking as they must get them in and they must fly out X

  • Stacey B.

    Thank you!! The panic is over they will have one for Christmas xxx

  • Rachael B.

    Ur the best :ok_hand: just got a purple one x

  • Ellie M.

    Thanks Hun just ordered one xxx

  • Lizie D.

    Got one thanx lovely xxxx

  • Natalie A.

    Thank you. Have already got them. Xx

  • Gemma O.

    Went to check out and no option for delivery!

  • Lee-Ann W.

    Says their all out of stock xxx

  • Hazel G.

    Thanks I've got one :relaxed:

  • Sharon M.

    Gone already - thanks though! Never mind - I’ll get her one after for her bday. Xx

  • Tara C.

    Thanks Hun! Managed to get some the other day luckily xx

  • Carrie C.

    Tesco direct doesn’t have them but Tesco stores have them - lots of them. Bought 2 on Saturday and there was more stock on the shelves this morning. That was Tesco Abingdon. Hope it might help someone.

  • Maz W.

    Out Of stock already. Thanks tho x

  • Becca G.

    I got one from Tesco this morning! X

  • Hayley B.

    Thanks mrs, got one ordered today from smyths :grinning: xx

  • Alexa L.

    It says out of stock :cry: x

  • Leanne D.

    Oh ya joking they was in stock earlier xx

  • Ellie M.

    I got one ordered from entertainer xxx

  • Erica W.

    thank you :blush: saw it and bought her one.... as she didn’t have enough for Christmas :see_no_evil::wink: xx

  • Ashwyn M.

    Yay! I got one. Thank you xx

  • Emma S.

    I’ve got them 1 each xx

  • Carly S.

    Thanks !!! I managed to get one :slight_smile:

  • Jade M.

    Thanks I can’t seem to get them. Really really want the unicorn but no chance of getting two of those :see_no_evil: xx

  • Michelle C.

    Ordered 1 this afternoon :grin::grin:xx

  • Kate C.

    Urgh bloody ugly plastics monkeys!

  • Nikki M.

    Doh ! Too late ! But thank you xx

  • Corinne E.

    I’ve thankfully Got them :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • McDo S.

    Yes... thank you :pray_tone1: xxxx

  • Katie T.

    Thank you managed to get two now x

  • Rosanne R.

    I have got the one from amazon France now Thanks though

  • Debbie T.

    Thanks honey. Managed to bag a couple yesterday. :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Cath R.

    Cheers Hun, I've managed to get her one with the climbing frame xx

  • Charlene R.

    Fab!! Just ordered :grin: xx

  • Ellie R.

    Yes!!! Thanks play pennies. I needed two in diff colours and have finally got the second one!!

  • Sam D.

    Yes got unicorn and monkey just need sloth x

  • Megan M.

    Need a pink and a blue :see_no_evil:

  • Angela M.

    Got it, thanks Mrs :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Maria A.

    You star I’ve just got three:thumbsup_tone1::hugging:xx

  • Emma S.

    Do these come with batteries? Xx

  • Michelle B.

    I just ordered two! Thanks :thumbsup_tone2: xx

  • Yvette D.

    Got my girls one each :thumbsup_tone1: thanks PlayPennie's :christmas_tree:

  • Annabelle T.

    Better be some left tomorrow xx

  • Leanne B.

    Thanks Hun got one yay :grinning: x

  • Vikki M.

    Thank u so much just got them! Ur a star!!!!

  • Emily B.

    Thanks :pray: I have just ordered one in record time! Let's hope it arrives in time :grimacing:

  • Genna S.

    Thankyou I got one today in the entertainer the guy said he had one left and was waiting for someone to ask him politely :joy: so chuffed xx

  • Vikki M.

    I’m delighted!!! :heart: honestly thank u!

  • Lynsey S.

    Just got one, thanks!! Finally!! Hopefully she will still like them :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Sian M.

    Thanks. I've got one coming from France

  • Lisa W.

    Amazon ordered it Friday came this morning first class xx

  • Laura A.

    I bought a pink one from amazon and it was real.

  • XKerri M.

    Thanks so much I'll have a happy girl on Christmas morning xxx

  • Michelle B.

    Think u can pay an extra few ££ for next day delivery x

  • Zoey H.

    Got one now!! :raised_hands_tone1: xx

  • Victoria E.

    Thanks lovely, I’ve managed to get them finally xx

  • Julie F.

    Just had a look it says only for prime members. Xx

  • Tonii B.

    Seen this last night...mark said they ain't worth it :joy::joy: he didn't know what they was xx

  • Alana M.

    Both girl ones - need a boy xx

  • Samantha B.

    Thanks :pray: Just ordered one xx

  • Leah K.

    Thank you so much. Life saver!!! I've got them :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:xxx

  • Lisha H.

    Yay! So glad you’ve got them! Xxxx

  • Chloé B.

    Yes I have one now thank you so much anyway!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: xxx

  • Leah K.

    Me too! I'd only just looked on Amazon this morning too and they were all out of stock! Thank you the kids are going to be so happy :grin:xx

  • Emilie P.

    Thankyou finally got one :raised_hands::raised_hands: x

  • Clementine N.

    Thanks hun! Just ordered one! Thank god for that :joy:

  • Becky L.

    Thank you Hun I got one xx

  • Niki J.

    Yey! Thank you lovely xxx

  • Abigail E.

    the unicorn ones looks ace xx

    • Abigail E.

      think I’m going to get One for her birthday xx

    • Georgina H.

      yeah she would love it!! Xx

  • Zoey M.

    Thank you! Managed to get a couple hopefully xx

  • Kerry W.

    Thanks :kissing_heart: have just ordered one phew!!!

  • Anna H.

    Glad you managed to get one though! :blush: Xmas as a parent is stressful :joy:

  • Nikita M.

    A wont be near the entertainer am working :tired_face: xxxxxx

  • Jennifer Y.

    Thanks, can’t get before Xmas x

  • Va N.

    Unfortunately totally out of stock in my area :pensive:

  • Kirstie B.

    Awww she has 2 of the normal ones but I love these unicorn ones! x x

  • Kirstie B.

    Just checked and don’t think there’s stock x x

  • Ashley C.

    Fab I've ordered santa will have bring it 4 days late like x

  • Andrea M.

    Something to spend Christmas money on ... I’m DONE shopping for them line officially drawn ... that doesn’t mean I’ve finished though or can put my feet up :confused:

  • Sarah-jane M.

    The purple sloth are in stock in Smyths . I swithered but I got Jamie the brown one but Eve has plenty xx

  • Kelly F.

    Thanks Hun It's the pink ones tho :grimacing::see_no_evil: xxx

  • Vikki E.

    They're not in stock in store only after Christmas. And she wants a bloody monkey one :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Stephanie H.

    Just looked haha I think the girls ones are better x

  • Hilary C.

    He could do them an I O U letter xx

  • Ketta W.

    Not available till after Christmas :confused: I have got them one each but not colours they wanted and Alfie wanted a sloth so hard to get hold of thou

  • Sammy J.

    Only available on standard delivery not before Xmas :pensive:x

  • Bev W.

    I ordered a unicorn one from the entertainer toy shop this morning as had email telling me they was stocked up so any one wanting the unicorn ones they have them now

  • Beverley A.

    Don't get the finger monkeys from Wowcher. Mine arrived paint scratched all over and two very sharp bits sticking out where arms are joined. Was last minute panic buy, knew it wasn't a fingerling but didn't expect it to be dangerous! Currently sorting with wowcher and genuine fingerling hunting will continue. Check the figure before giving as gift. I only did as box was so damaged when it arrived.

  • Bev W.

    Entertainer toy shop has them in stock I got a unicorn and a monkey this morning online

  • Tina A.

    Yep thanks got one Yey!! Xx

  • Kristy N.

    I managed to get one on a reserve from argos at the beginning of the week they got some in so happy child Monday I hope :grin:

  • Nadine P.

    Fingers crossed that Santa brings me one x

  • Stacey M.

    Thankyou will have a look x

  • Julie S.

    I just got one tescos commercial.rd portsmouth

  • Gemma P.

    Omg I am a unicorn. ..I just need this for myself :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Adam D.

    We've told ez she has to see if Santa brings her a monkey than if she would still like a unicorn she can buy one with pennies from her grandad after Christmas lol x

  • Maria M.

    I got a unicorn one today they had 2 left just gutted I cant gets blue one for Alfie xx

  • Keri C.

    Yay - not in time for the big day but on order as a special post combo threat.....sorry treat!!! :joy: xx

  • Carly R.

    She’s already got the white one :heart_eyes:

  • Jennifer L.

    No thanks!!!! They haven't bothered with the ones they got!!!!

  • Tracy B.

    Thanks hun. Will have a look x

  • Emily D.

    The pink one is cute! :heart_eyes: will see if they still have them payday xxxx

  • Paulyne M.

    So cute!..... :heart::heart:

  • Kay W.

    Aww Isla-mae would love them haha xx

  • Gillian S.

    Pity that wasn’t before Xmas. X

  • Louise B.

    To be fair Monkey is pretty much mine now #boredalready :rolling_eyes:

  • Emily D.

    Lilahs got one for christmas, it doesn’t actually do much! They are quite boring lol just the unicorn is cute lol xx

  • Claire S.

    Haha thanks, Lib deserves a present I think! ;-) xx

  • Julia C.

    Click and Collect all done, thanks hun xx

  • Tessa H.

    Thanks so much hunni poppy wants one of these for her birthday xxxxx

  • Samantha H.

    Sofia's got that white one. To be honest I prefer the monkeys tho. You can't hang these ones upside down xx

  • Noelle B.

    Got the monkey ones for Xmas for my girls and so disappointed...I thought they would do a lot more..all they do is move their heads from side to side and make silly noises..

  • Kelly S.

    Yeah I'm getting her one for her bday

  • Sally A.

    OMG! Ella would love these!

  • Susie M.

    Managed to get one in toys r us just before Xmas xx

  • Laura M.

    I know!!! Isla got one for her birthday :scream:

  • Hayley R.

    No we never got the unicorn but we did find the other colours, but thanks xx

  • Holly C.

    Yess these are the ones I want for her xx

  • Kelsey B.

    Awwwww she would love these!! Xxx

  • Sarah K.

    I know!!!Unicorns and fingerlings!!! :unicorn: xx

  • Sarah W.

    Got one for her birthday :grin:

  • Lisa H.

    Ahh, I had no idea what lol surprise was when I saw it in tesco for £60. Thought it must be something spectacular for that price so i watched an unboxing on YouTube. How can they warrant selling at that price when it clearly cost about 75p to make??!!! Xxx

  • Anna B.

    They had millions in the Entertainer the other day, typical isn't it!

  • Amy S.

    I got one :joy: thanks though xx

  • Helen L.

    Charlotte got one for Christmas :grin:

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