Studio Creator Video Maker Kit £18.49 @ Amazon

Ideal for those Tik Tokkers!
Studio Creator Video Maker Kit £18.49 @ Amazon

Oh man! My kids are obsessed with Tik Tok or You Tube, and chances are yours are too! If you're wondering how to indulge their outbursts of dance and nonsense, then get them this Studio Creator Video Maker Kit, it's not expensive either, in fact Amazon have just dropped it to £18.49!

Studio Creator Video Maker Kit

The Studio Creator Video Maker Kit is ideal for those wishing to make videos for the likes of Tik Tok and/or You Tube.

It consists of an adjustable tripod, LED light ring with 3 modes, large green screen and a guide that'll help your child make the ultimate video to share online.

Suitable for children aged 8 years old and above.

Delivery is free for prime members, if you don't have prime you'll have to pay for delivery if you don't spend £20 but I'd just add something like this a couple of these Vaseline Lip Therapies* to push it over the £20 mark and bag that free delivery.


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