Where To Buy The New Tamagotchi Anniversary Toy 2017 UK

Where To Buy Tamagotchi Anniversary 2017

Can you believe Tamagotchis are 20 years old? Well they are! That sure makes me feel old! If you are wanting to grab one of the new Tamagotchi Anniversary Toys in the UK, then you've come to the right place. We have found where to buy them, and where to get the best price.

In Stock/Pre-Order

  • The Entertainer - All Colours £10 - BUY HERE*

Limited Stock/Higher RRP

Out of Stock

What is a Tamagotchi? It's an egg-shaped virtual pet, on a keychain, that hatches and requires care and nurturing.

The new 2017 Tamagotchis are exactly like the original ones, except slightly smaller. They still need fed, watered, cleaned up after or they will die.

If buying from eBay, watch out for cheap fakes. Always check sellers feedback, and pay via PayPal for extra protection.

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  • Carol W.

    let's hope Amber doesn't want one :joy: hated these

  • Katie P.

    Shame it’s not for Xmas though :confused: xxxx

  • Leanne R.

    Ahhh yes please. Xmas present sorted!:joy:

  • Laura M.

    I seen this last night but not available until end of jan :tired_face: thanks. X

  • Michelle M.

    Oh wow, not a bad price either, I know what to get Reece now :joy: xx

  • Sally L.

    I used to have to take them into work to look after them xx:grinning:

  • Becky L.

    Hahaha I used to be obsessed!!!! :joy::joy:xxx

  • Megan S.

    Are AV just read it's properly there for 2018 delivery xx

  • Emily B.

    Dropped mine in the bath, was devastated!

  • Rhona M.

    No waaaaay!!!!!! Hahahahaha !!!! I LOVED those wee things !!!! My mum had to feed and clean up it’s poo while I was at school PAHAHAHA

  • Carys S.

    Hahahaha!! I killed mine :sleepy:

  • Emma S.

    Many happy memories :joy::joy:

  • Sue W.

    Not available till January x

  • Laura E.

    Totally lol, I think it beeped or something and went to tamagotchi heaven lmao xx

  • Kate F.

    Got one for Niamh's stocking :joy:

  • Jo-Anne E.

    Aww I loved mine, sure I had about 5! :see_no_evil: jxxx

  • Cody W.

    We use to buzz off these:joy::joy::joy: xx

  • Courtney W.

    omg no way! haha we used to loooove these!!:joy: good old days:frowning2:

  • Lisa E.

    Had like 5 all attached together x

  • Lisa H.

    Lovely, just what I need :joy:

  • Kirsty W.

    I'm on the hunt for one!!

  • Kat J.

    one for Matilda’s birthday??

  • Rachel M.

    think I need this. I wish I never sold my first editions :persevere:

  • James J.

    something for Lexi to forget about after 5 mins? :joy:

  • Sarah-Jayne W.

    I need one in my life!!! Xxx

  • Emma C.

    Been waiting for these. Just ordered a couple :slight_smile: xx

  • Jill R.

    Definitely hopefully they will be better than the last one. They were the best things back in the day

  • Paul B.

    I remember me mam had about 7 on a key ring and kept them alive for ages hahaha

  • Anne-marie H.

    Valentine's Day prezzy :joy: any excuse to spoil them

  • Charlotte H.

    It's true :sob: we were 10 when we had ours!

  • Tracey C.

    Ive ordered one to work we can have this

  • Emma R.

    :joy: leaving mum to look after it while we went school x

  • Mark J.

    Blimey!!! I had one of those blue ones

  • Holly W.

    I had one and then this year was given one for xmas :-)

  • Julie D.

    Things weren’t as pressurised back then Jo - we actually managed to spend some time with the children! Xx

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