Where To Buy Polly Pocket In The UK 2018

Where To Buy Polly Pocket In The UK 2018

Have you heard the news? Polly Pockets are BACK! If you were a child of the 90s then no doubt you had a Polly Pocket. These teeny tiny toys were a huge success and we are predicting the same second time around!

The popular toy has been given a new look, with the updated dolls now slightly bigger than the ones of the late eighties. There's lots of gorgeous new play sets available with prices starting from just £4.99.

Here is a handy guide where you can get your hands on Polly Pocket in the UK 2018.

Polly Pocket Pocket World

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The Polly Pocket Pocket World play sets are the most similar to the toys we had in the 90s. They are little compacts which you open to reveal a themed 'world' including Polly Pocket and her friends. They are priced around the £12.99 mark. Choose from either Flamingo Floatie, Cupcake Compact, Sugar Rush Cafe, Ballet Compact, Snow Secret, Sea Sandcastle and Shopping Mall.

You can get your hands on these from the following places:

Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places

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Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places are fantastic value for money. They are priced at around £4.99 and are available in several designs.

They are a smaller version of the Pocket World play sets and each compact opens up to reveal a new location. They include Studio, Aquarium, Concert, Picnic, Ballet and Camping. They also feature Polly's friend Lila!

Here's where you will find them:

Polly Pocket Hidden Places

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These larger playsets are £12.99 to £17.99. They are backpack, handbag or suitcase compacts which open to reveal a larger themed Polly Pocket world that is great for taking out and about with you.

Choose from Beach Vibes or Dance Par-taay. Or in the slightly smaller compacts you will find the Ballet Music Box or Shopping Mall.

Purchase today from:

What Other Polly Pocket Toys Can I Buy?

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There are other Polly Pocket products available such as the Polly Pocket Go Tiny! Room Playset which is currently on offer at Smyths* for £24.99 instead of £34.99. There's also a Polly Pocket SUV Secret Utility Vehicle available to go with your Polly Pocket dolls. Bargain Max* currently have the best price around for this which is £19.99.

There's also a Polly Pocket Tiny Power Locket which is a replica of the one that Polly wears in her new TV programme. You can get it from Argos* or Smyths* for £7.99.

How Tall Is A Polly Pocket Doll?

The new toys are miniature dolls in playsets, like the original 1990s Polly Pocket, rather than the larger Fashion Polly. However, they are slightly larger than the original 1990s version.

What Are Polly Pockets Made From?

Rather than slotting into holes in the case as per the Polly Pockets of the 90's, the new Polly is made of a flexible plastic that sticks to certain surfaces, but also bends so she can sit in a chair.

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