Where To Buy Novelty Stretchy Poo Toys

As seen on Phillip Schofield's How To Spend It Well At Christmas
Where To Buy Novelty Stretchy Poo Toys

Oh Pip, what have you done? Since it featured on Phillip Schofield's How To Spend It Well At Christmas absolutely every kid is hoping for a Stretchy Poo toy in their Christmas stocking! Suddenly these must-have stocking filler toys are becoming as rare as rocking horse sh*t (rather appropriately), but we're here to help you locate the faecal favourite.

Novelty Stretchy Poo Toys

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What's the appeal of these novelty stretchy poo toys? Well I can tell you as Father Christmas very kindly put these in my boys' Christmas stockings last year. They're just as they sound; a brown squishie, shaped like a poo, filled with sand so they can be stretched and moulded into shapes before slowly returning back to their original shape.

The ones in our house are still going strong (though one has lost an eye), and they're just as good as other stress relief squishies, only you can have extra fun by popping the t*rd in unexpected places and pranking the family.

I did only pay £1 for this toy last year, but the price has just jumped up with the Schofe effect, so you'll likely pay nearer to £3 for one this Christmas.

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  • Stefanie K.

    , this is definitely one your boys would appreciate!

    • Natasha W.

      this is what Matthew got that he showed u the other night :joy::joy::joy:

      • Shell G.

        this would of been better than the man ! X

        • Nikki J.

          this is what David was on about for the toys test!!! How gross :joy:

          • Emma C.

            Josh would love that :joy:

            • Katie A.

              feel like our kids would like this lol

              • Colin J.

                Cameron would like this :joy:

                • Jules D.

                  kids are disgusting :joy:

                  • Holly B.

                    can I get this for Noah :joy:

                    • Nikki J.

                      Might get the girls one for entertainment value on Christmas daybx

                      • Holly B.

                        Aha! I’m so glad he’s getting it!

                        • Lulu C.

                          My son loved his last year (79p from home bargins.)

                          • Siobhaun S.

                            Home bargains sell them for 0.89p too my son wanted one for his birthday :face_palm_tone1:‍♀️:joy: #boylife

                            • Jules D.

                              Hide it in your bed :joy::joy::joy:

                              • Melanie D.

                                We got one of these last year..and poo is definitely not what they resemble :grimacing:

                                • Claire-Louise P.

                                  Omg the kids at school we’re talking a stretchy poo today :joy:

                                  • Angela M.

                                    He’s so on trend hahahha

                                    • Becky C.

                                      Pleeeeease buy me one! :poop::poop:

                                      • Nevenka P.

                                        You could see he also found the giant hatichmel wrong

                                        • Rachel A.

                                          Meant what's with you and poo :joy::joy: