Where To Buy Little Live Pets Mama Surprise

This interactive guinea pig is perfect for animal lovers
Where To Buy Little Live Pets Mama Surprise

Every year there's a toy that you just know is going to be on top of lots of Christmas lists and this Little Live Pets Mama Surprise will certainly be up there! We have a feeling this is going to be a big seller so if you want to make sure you get your hands on one for Christmas then never fear as we have compiled this handy guide as to where to buy the Little Live Pets Mama Surprise.

We will keep this post updated wth any price drops and stock arrivals so why not bookmark it for next time!

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What Is The Little Live Pets Mama Surprise?

New from Little Live Pets, it's Mama Surprise! Mama Surprise takes loving your pet to a whole new level. This soft, interactive Mama guinea pig comes with a deluxe, interactive hutch.

Care for Mama by feeding her and brushing her long hair with the accessories included. With plenty of love and attention, Mama’s heart will start to glow, implying that a baby is on the way! Lightly place her inside her interactive Mama Surprise hut – and now, itt’s time to wait.

Find a new-born guinea pig baby and a special care package in the Mama Surprise set. Care for Mama again and you will find new Little Live Pets guinea pig babies to complete your cute, guinea pig family!


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