Where To Buy Hatchimals In The UK 2016

Where To Buy Hatchimals In The UK 2016

Want to know where to buy Hatchimals? We will tell you who has stock right now in the UK. These were only released on October 7th and already they're selling like hot cakes.

Follow this post and not only will we tell you where to get Hatchimals but who has the best prices.

In Stock

  • Amazon Pink* Available to order but not in stock until the 25th - Grab HERE*
  • Asda George* £59.97 Stock due to go on sale Monday 12th December, online only, after 10am.GRAB HERE
  • Smyths* £59.99 GRAB HERE
    • Green Draggles* available in store only from Weds 7th December, limited stocks, one per customer.

Limited Stock/Delivery/Higher RRP

It's really easy to order from Amazon in Europe, you can use your UK log in details and if you have any issues Google Toolbar will translate.

Currently Out of Stock

What are Hatchimals? Hatchimals are interactive toy creatures that come inside eggs. It's a mystery who is inside but each name like 'Draggles' or 'Pengualas' give you a hint.

They won't hatch until the are nurtured and loved. Then they can be taught to walk, talk, play games and more.

These are suitable for children aged five years old and above.

Choose between Draggles and Pengualas as well as the exclusives from Toys R Us (Owlicorn) and Tesco Direct (Bearakeet).

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  • Natalie B.

    these are them things that bloke in entertainer was telling us to look out for!!xx

    • Lisa C.

      Oh yeah :grinning::grinning:x

      • Natalie B.

        3 for 2 on Argos might order em next week x

        • Lisa C.

          Yeah they look good our olly n Grayson will love them x

          • Natalie B.

            £60!! Ffs!! :see_no_evil: x

            • Lisa C.

              Wtf so just olly getting one they can share pmsl x

              • Natalie B.

                Pmsl I know bloody stuff gets more expensive!x

                • Lisa C.

                  Tell me about it :rage:xx

                • Lynsey W.

                  Got mine on pre order. Seemingly very interactive and Designed to learn and adapt with the child

                  • Mhairi2297

                    where did you manage to pre order at?

                    • aindale


                      Who have you pre-ordered it with?


                    • Michelle M.

                      My daughter would love this !!

                      • Emma L.

                        I think I need to look for voucher deals for one of these!

                        • Claire C.

                          Omg yes defo xx

                        • Victoria C.

                          we can upgrade the kinder eggs !!!!

                          • Mike K.

                            Do these hatch celeb heads?

                            • Victoria C.

                              don't tell the whole Facebook world our master plan

                            • Anne C.

                              the kids would love these there meant to be excellent

                              • Natalie J.

                                I'm nearly 27... I want one :joy:

                                • sarahxgraham

                                  Oh yes!!! Im 28 

                                • Jenna P.

                                  Aww I want one of these! :heart_eyes: Bugger the kids!! :joy:

                                  • Michelle M.

                                    Ooh pricy tho!

                                    • Leanne W.

                                      girls want these there in argos 3 for 2 aswell x

                                    • Lauren B.

                                      I think they actually hatch :joy::joy:

                                      • Toni D.

                                        How do you know? I've still never seen anything about them. Gutted. Argos is 3 for 2 and bobbie was gonna get madison on. But I have spent my budget for presents this month! :joy:

                                        • Lauren B.

                                          Look on the box!

                                          • Toni D.

                                            That doesn't mean anything! Haha. Maybe it just cracks into a different shape??

                                            • Toni D.

                                              Aw wait I get you hahah I was just looking at the egg... Maybe then lol

                                              • Bobbie D.

                                                She is getting it as a late birthday Joyce is gonna half me in it :laughing: xx

                                                • Toni D.

                                                  We were talking about it when I saw the 3 for 2. But my budget for the month is gone hahaha xx

                                                  • Bobbie D.

                                                    I wonder if the diary thing she want is on 3for2 I can't do it till Friday so hopefully I can still pretty order it xx

                                                    • Toni D.

                                                      Eh xx

                                                      • Bobbie D.

                                                        She wants a electronic diary so I wonder if it's on the deal. And I can pre order the egg so gonna order it on Friday and she will get it on the 7th xx

                                                        • Toni D.

                                                          Ahh okay xx

                                                        • Claire A.


                                                          • Rhona R.

                                                            60 quid wtf I hope it does something!!

                                                            • Liz M.

                                                              I might need then too lol

                                                              • Rashele T.

                                                                You can hatch an owlicorn.....im sold!

                                                                • Rhona R.

                                                                  Does it do anything after that

                                                                  • Tina M.

                                                                    I want 1 xx

                                                                    • Amy T.

                                                                      I can't add them to my basket in argos, anyone else having the same problem?

                                                                      • Johanna S.

                                                                        I can't either xx

                                                                        • Amy T.

                                                                          The only one I can order is the green one xx

                                                                          • Emma D.

                                                                            I'm having problems too

                                                                            • Amy T.


                                                                            • Melanie E.

                                                                              Yeah I'm up for that :grinning: xx

                                                                              • Laura E.

                                                                                What the hoohah is it?!