Where To Buy Fortnite Nerf Blasters & Fortnite Super Soakers In The UK

Prices from just £7.99
Where To Buy Fortnite Nerf Blasters & Fortnite Super Soakers In The UK

Need a gift for a Fortnite fans? There's a whole range of Fortnite themed Nerf blasters on sale in the UK, and Nerf Fortnite Super Soakers are here too!

We're now seeing some big price drops on these must-have toys, so we'll keep you up to date right here. Don't forget to check out our round up of the best outdoor toys too.

Best Deals On NERF Fortnite Blasters

Argos* have a stacking offer on NERF Fortnite, as they have up to 25% off selected blasters, plus you get an EXTRA 20% off with the code PLAY20 until Tuesday 5th November.

Amazon* also have price drops on NERF Fortnite, as they have matched many of the prices Argos are offering, plus there's the added benefit of free delivery for all customers when you spend £20.

Nerf Fortnite Rocker Launcher, RRP £29.99

NERF Fortnite Rocket Launcher

This is the latest addition to the Nerf Fortnite range, and it's inspired by the Rocket Launcher in the game. It fires 1 fort- wrecking foam rocket at a time and gets you playing fast in 3 quick steps: load a rocket, prime the blaster, and press the trigger to fire. It comes with 2 Official Nerf Fortnite Elite rockets that are tested and approved for performance and quality, and constructed of foam with flexible, hollow tips.

NEW Nerf Fortnite TS Blaster, RRP £39.99

Nerf Fortnite TS Blaster

This new Nerf Fortnite TS Blaster features pump-action firing to recreate the action in the game. Load 4 darts into the internal clip, prime, and pull the trigger to fire a dart. It comes with 8 Official Nerf Mega darts. The stock has dart storage, so you can keep 4 backup darts within reach for fast reloading.

Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Motorized Blaster, RRP £49.99

Fortnite Nerf blaster

Replicates the style and colour of the scar assault rifle in Fortnite, with a motorised function that can shoot 10 darts, plus an extra 10 spare darts, and an acceleration feature to control the speed of fire.

Nerf Fortnite SP-L Elite Blaster, RRP £19.99

Fortnite Nerf blaster

Inspired by the colour and design of the suppressed pistol used on Fortnite, with a 3 dart capacity, and a detachable barrel so you can customise it.

Nerf Fortnite Llama Microshots Blaster, RRP £9.99

Fortnite Nerf Blaster

Mini Nerf single dart blaster that looks like the Loot Llama from Fortnite. One shot, comes with 2 darts, hand powered (no batteries required)

Nerf Fortnite MicroShots Blaster, RRP £9.99

Fortnite Nerf blaster

Mini Nerf blaster version of the Fortnite tactical shotgun. Single dart blaster, comes with 2 darts, hand powered (no batteries required)

Nerf Fortnite Microshots Rocket Launch Blaster, RRP £9.99

Fortnite Nerf blaster

Nerf MicroShots mini-sized blaster toy inspired by the rocket launcher used in Fortnite. Single-shot blaster comes with 2 Official Nerf Elite darts, fires 1 dart at a time, and is hand-powered (no batteries required)

Nerf Fortnite HC-E Super Soaker

Nerf Fortnite HC-E Super Soaker

The new Nerf Fortnite HC-E water blaster is inspired by the blaster used in Fortnite, capturing the look and colors of the one in the popular video game. You can swamp opponents with stealthy soakage from the Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite water blaster that holds up to 7.4 fluid ounces (218.8 millilitres) of water.

Nerf Fortnite Super Soaker RL Rocker Launcher

Nerf Fortnite RL Super Soaker

Inspired by the rocket launcher in Fortnite, this super soaker will hold 6.7 fluid ounces of water, ready to blast your opponents.

Nerf Fortnite AR-E Motorized Blaster, RRP £39.99

NERF Fortnite Motorized Blaster

Your child's Fortnite dreams are about to come true with this motorized Nerf blaster. Power up the motor with the acceleration button and pull the trigger to shoot 1 dart. It comes with a 10-dart clip and 20 Official Nerf Fortnite Elite darts, enough to fully load the clip and give you 10 backup darts for reloading. Flip up the 2 sights on the top of the blaster to align your shot.

  • Exclusive to Smyths was £49.99, then £39.99, now £36.99

Bookmark this page and we will keep it updated with pre-orders, stock alerts and offers on Fortnite Nerf and Fortnite Super Soakers.

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