Where To Buy Flushin Frenzy Game In The UK 2018

Where To Buy Flushin Frenzy Game In The UK 2018

Gross or hilarious, you decide! When I caught my 6 year old laughing away at this game on YouTube I knew it was going to be a big hit this Christmas.

I mean everyone needs a game to play at Christmas and Flushin Frenzy could be yours! We have compiled a handy list for you to bookmark which has all the places and best prices on the Flushin Frenzy game in the UK right now!

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What is the Flushin Frenzy Game?

Flushin Frenzy is basically a game where you have to catch a poop! Flush the handle on the toilet to roll the die, and when a number comes up you have to plunge the toilet that number of times. But be careful, after any given push of the plunger the poop may COME FLYING OUT OF THE TOILET!

The first person to catch the poop wins a token and the winner is the player with the most tokens at the end.


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  • Kelli E.

    Harley’s sort of game :joy::joy::joy:

    • Michelle F.

      Christmas games day

      • Nicola Q.

        ava ad harris's eyes lit up at this lol xx :mask::poop::mask::poop:

        • Kellie L.

          Oooooo I like this one! I’d get it for his birthday but then he’ll expect a poo present every time there’s a present lol

          • Angharad S.

            Well it’s better than a pan :rolling_eyes: xx

            • Kerry C.

              :laughing::laughing::laughing:he would love it!! Stranger child :poop::poop:

              • Abbie G.

                she will love it though:joy::joy::joy:

                • Sarah E.

                  Now this is right up their street :poop:

                  • Holly C.

                    Lol I’m sure they will love it xx

                    • Tracy A.

                      Haha I think that should be Keebo’s Christmas present!

                      • Frankie F.

                        It can stay at your house lol x

                        • Deanna W.

                          do not show Jimmy this :joy::joy: xxxz

                          • Becky D.

                            More reasons to use my fave emoji :poop:

                            • Julie T.

                              Don't let him see it lol :joy: xx

                              • Katiie L.

                                I see this in smyths the other day :joy::joy:

                                • Vicky W.

                                  Oh yes Jay will love it lol xx

                                  • Kelly D.

                                    Ha ha!!!! Kids have already asked for it :rolling_eyes:

                                    • Carley G.

                                      I need this- my Xmas would be such a Happy one opening this :joy::joy: xx

                                      • Lisa L.

                                        He will love this :joy::joy::poop:

                                        • Jennifer J.

                                          You better order it just now so you have it for Xmas :joy::joy: