Where To Buy Fidget Spinners & Fidget Cubes In The UK

Where To Buy Fidget Spinners & Fidget Cubes In The UK

Wondering where to buy Fidget Spinners in the UK? We have a list of retailers that have Fidget Cubes, Spinners and other toys available or on pre-order. Both Fidget Spinners and Cubes are great for working the fingers, getting rid of boredom and for distraction. These are used more recently for children with additional needs such as ADHD or ASD.

Here's where to get your Fidget Spinners:

  • Gearbest : Loads of cool accessories and spinners from 43p delivered! GRAB HERE*

Out of Stock

Here's where to get your Fidget Cubes:

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Reply to
  • Sharon W.

    Ahhh thanks. Will get one ordered x

    • Sarah S.

      I bought a fidget cube off amazon for £1.69 with free delivery. I told someone who then asked me to order them one & they'd gone down to £1.65,free delivery. Only down side is delivery could take a month but can't complain at that price!

      • Louise R.

        Yes a cube and spinner, from eBay from China about £2 each including postage. They're very annoying but at least I have a very happy Son xx

        • Gemma K.

          Ooo ill have to look in the works next time i go town

          • Alison M.

            Matt is dying for these at the moment.

            • Claire J.

              The works £3 for the wee spinning one!!

              • Vicki P.

                Every teacher I know hates them with a passion.

                • Jacqui H.

                  I'm a teacher and they are great for students with ADD, ADHD etc. Must be used appropriately though

                  • Gillian J.

                    My son and daughter have ASD/Dyspraxia and other issues. I think these should be sold just for the needs of children with ASD/ADHD etc..Not a new fad...

                    • Vicki P.

                      That's the problem Gillian, they tell me they've become a fad, stopping other kids from concentrating and the teacher from being able to teach. :/ It's a shame that it may ruin things for the kids that do benefit :(

                    • Louise P.

                      We have the cubes already xxx

                      • Louise P.

                        Our boys love them the spinners I've only just seen this week xx

                        • Katie C.

                          Is this what they were talking about ?

                          • Lisa F.

                            Thanks Hun, ordered them. X

                            • Jacquie M.

                              He bought one today that lights up lol cost him £8 xx

                              • Pauline P.

                                I'm glad, I want one now!!

                                • Katie C.

                                  :joy::joy::joy: as you said ... they will be banned !!

                                  • Heather T.

                                    It's the cube I need to get rach

                                    • Diane C.

                                      Got that exact fidget cube! Dan takes it to bed to help him fidget his way to sleep lol! X

                                      • Vicki T.

                                        I got one for me and my children steel it.

                                        • Nic M.

                                          Amy mentioned them tonight. I just ignored it

                                          • Jen S.

                                            They're meant for kids on the spectrum who need to fidget I think, but have become quite popular!! X

                                            • Samantha S.

                                              Ta he's already got both of these, they are actually good fun x