Where To Buy CoComelon Toys and JJ Doll From £5.99 In The UK

Including the Musical Bedtime JJ Doll
Where To Buy CoComelon Toys and JJ Doll From £5.99 In The UK

If your little ones love the Netflix and YouTube show CoComelon then you have come to the right place! We have all the latest CoComelon merchandise that is available in the UK including the brand new Bedtime JJ Doll!

Here's where to buy CoComelon toys in the UK and all the best deals:

NEW CoComelon Bedtime JJ Doll

Bring CoComelon nursery rhymes to life with the J.J Bedtime Plush doll! This adorable and soft plush is inspired by J.J., a popular character from the educational CoComelon YouTube series.

J.J is ready for bed in his iconic onesie, clutching his favourite teddy bear pillow plush. This perfect bedtime friend even comes with 7 sounds and phrases. Just squeeze J.J’s tummy and listen as he says iconic phrases and even plays the "YesYes Bedtime" song!

Your child will love cuddling up to their favourite CoComelon friend!

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CoComelon JJ Onesie Plush Doll

Bring the CoComelon fun everywhere! These 20cm plush are the perfect size for your little one and great for on-the-go adventures! Your little one can play with J.J. in his Iconic onesie!

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CoComelon JJ Shark T-Shirt Plush Doll

Another plush doll to add to your CoComelon collection! This time it's JJ in his adorable shark outfit. He stands at 20cm tall and is great for taking out and about with you or for cuddles at bedtime.

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CoComelon Logo Plush Toy

If you've already collected the 2 new JJ plush dolls then why not add this CoComelon Logo Plush Toy to your collection too!

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CoComelon Musical Doctor Checkup Set

CoComelon Doctors Set

Your little one can sing the "Doctor Checkup Song" as this fun medical set plays 9 cool doctor’s office sounds. Your child can check your heart with the stethoscope, temperature with the thermometer, and give you a painless injection with the syringe! The medical case features the iconic CoComelon logo, and holds all of your child’s medical tools for on-the-go fun.

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CoComelon Musical Yellow School Bus with JJ figure

CoComelon Musical Yellow School Bus with JJ figure

This brightly coloured bus comes with a figure of J.J. and has room for 6 of your favourite CoComelon friends! Press on the front of the bus and listen as "Wheels on the Bus" plays for you and your child to sing along to! The free- wheeling motion puts your child in control of this fun and detailed vehicle.

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CoComelon Family and Friends 6 Figure Pack

This adorable 6 Figure Pack is inspired by the popular and educational CoComelon YouTube videos. Watch your tiny CoComelon fan play with popular characters, J.J, TomTom, YoYo, Cody, and Nina! This detailed 7.6cm set includes 2 J.J figures, one in his onesie, and one in his favourite baby shark tee!

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CoComelon Bath Squirters

These are the latest addition to the collection of CoComelon toys! The CoComelon bath squirters are perfectly sized for little hands to hold. Your toddler will have lots of fun as they squeeze their bath squirter and watch it spray water out at them!

There are a few different sets to choose from each set comes with three squirters in with an RRP of £9.99.

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CoComelon Mini Vehicle Assortment

Hit the open road with 4 unique styles- each from an episode of CoComelon your child is sure to love and remember. Encourage your child’s love for vehicles and CoComelon with the Fire Engine, Rubbish Truck, Ice Cream Truck, and even the Yellow School Bus! Each sold separately.

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Why is CoComelon Called CoComelon?

It started out as ABCKidsTV but later, the company changed to CoComelon because the original name felt “limiting” on YouTube. CoComelon, to the founders, felt “universal and fun for children”, so the name was changed and popularity grew.

What age is CoComelon for?

YouTube Kids recommends Cocomelon as one of its top channels for preschool-aged children 4 and younger.

Why is Cocomelon so popular?

Cocomelon is one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world with nearly 100 million subscribers. The studio creates videos for young children that star an array of animated characters singing lullabies and telling kid-friendly stories.

Is CoComelon on Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Yes both Netflix* and Amazon Prime*have Cocomelon.


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