Waybuloo Bath Pod Now Only £5.00 @ Play.com

Waybuloo Bath Pod Now Only £5.00 @ Play.com

These gorgeous Bath Pods retail for £10.99 on Amazon.co.uk so this is an unbeatable bargain - £5 Waybuloo bath pods @ Play.com!

Lau LauWaybuloo has become an instant hit with children across the UK. Featuring the adorable Piplings, it’s nothing like they’ve ever seen before! These four animated characters live in a magical land called Nara where they discover new things and learn about life.

The four Piplings each represent an emotion. Yo Jo Jo is the Pipling of happiness, Lau Lau is imagination, De Li is love and Nok Tok embodies wisdom. They love to laugh and play, to explore the world around them and to hide from the children that enter their world to find them. They also help kids keep fit with yogo, their very own brand of yogic exercise.Yojojo

Join them as they bend their bodies, roar like lions and fly like birds while teaching your children the basics of yoga.

These Bath Pods are a stunning gift for any child. Just drop them into the water and watch as they open to reveal the Pipling hidden inside. You’re guaranteed hours of fun.


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