Waybuloo Toy Box £9.99 @ Amazon

4 January 2011


Tidy up with the Waybuloo Toy Box, £9.99 from Amazon, down 71% from £34.99.

I don't know if it's just in our house, or if it's because my daughter is 15 months old, but there are always toys strewn pretty much everywhere. I can tidy up, turn my back to tidy something else, and when I turn back, the blocks are strewn across the ground, the felt figures and pipe cleaners are turned upside down, and the doll and pram are face down.

My little girl is pretty good at tidying up too – until she gets bored. I'll tell her to tidy up please, and she'll pick up a few things, pop them in the cupboard, then close the door, as if to say 'okay, all done.' While I'm left thinking, “um, not so much!”

So, really, I'm not so sure this would solve our problem, but at least it's cute, and she'll like unpacking it, and it's easy enough for me to repack night after night till she's old enough to do it herself.

The compartments are fabric, but the sides are wooden and are beautifully decorated with fun-loving Waybuloo characters.

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