Waybuloo Peeka Kids Laptop £8.99 @ Argos

Waybuloo Peeka Kids Laptop £8.99 @ Argos

Argos have a half price offer on a Waybuloo Peeka Kids Laptop, which they're selling for £8.99 instead of £17.99.

I walked into the living room recently to find my little girl in cat's pose – the yoga move. I asked her what she was doing and she said, “Waybuloo”, before moving into a different cross legged pose I didn't recognise. It turns out she'd watched an episode at her grandparent's house, and now she's totally into Waybuloo, and yoga.

This laptop won't teach your child any yoga, but in the two game modes – discover and quiz – the Piplings will teach colours and numbers.

If you press on one of the four character keys, you'll see Yojojo, Lau Lau, De Li and Nok Tok appear in the magic mirror and talk to you.

The laptop requires 3 x AA batteries, and is suitable for children two years and over, under direct supervision of an adult. The reviews on it are very positive, with only one person feeling it didn't provide much entertainment for a child over two.

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