Waybuloo Figure Packs £1.49 @ Play.com

22 July 2010

Waybaloo Figure Pack Yo Jo Jo Just when I thought pre-school TV couldn't get any weirder than the Night Garden, along came Waybuloo. Play.com is clearing the Figure Packs for two Waybuloo characters, Yo Jo Jo and Nok Tok. These were £5.99; they're now £1.49 with free delivery. There's also a De Li figure pack available for £2.49.

Waybuloo Figure Pack Nok TokHave you seen this show? Children are mesmerised by it, and actually I find it really quite hypnotic to watch too. The show is set in a magical land called Nara. The really weird bit is that this is a real world, although nothing seems to move in an outsidey kind of way,  like it does in TeleTubbies. So not quite like a photograph but not quite like a 'real' real world either. If that makes sense!

The characters are animated in CGI, and are called Piplings. They have tiny little bodies, and huge gigantic eyes. They also kind of resemble animals, but then again they kind of don't! Each one also represents an emotion. Yo Jo Jo Waybuloo Figure Pack De Liis a sort of monkey creature, and embodies happiness. Bear-like Nok Tok is wisdom, and De Li, who is a sort of kitten represents love. Now that's actually kinda sweet!

Each pack contains a Pipling and two accessories.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!

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