Vtech Wall.E Learning Laptop £9 @ Debenhams

Vtech Wall.E Learning Laptop £9 @ Debenhams


If your toddler is anything like mine then chances are you’ve lost custody of your laptop - they merrily click around the cBeebies website or create masterpieces in Paint whilst you count yourself lucky to snatch five minutes to check email!

Debenhams have come the rescue with a Vtech Wall.E learning laptop for only £9 (it was £30) allowing us to reclaim our computers, and delight our technical whizz-kids at the same time, without breaking the bank.

Wall.E’s cute to look and, aimed at ages 4 and over, he comes with 15 activities to develop maths, letters, words, and logic and game skills.  He has a flip-down QWERTY keyboard, an LCD screen and at various stages, and when the right answers are given, his right eye winks just like it does in the film, which I think is a nice touch.

He’s also got a handle making him easy to grab and take out-and-about – I’ve found things like this are great for keeping kids occupied on longer journeys or when you need to take some toys out with you; you can turn his volume down too...an essential sanity-saving feature for any toy that can BEEP at you in my opinion!

Lovable Wall.E’s not power hungry, feed him 3 AA batteries (included) and he’ll be happy – there’s no mains-power option though so using rechargeables will be a more cost-effective option and an environmentally-friendly one too.

Wall.E can be with you within 4 working days for £3.99 standard delivery.

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