Vtech Vsmile Smart Keys £3.99 @ Smyths Toys

Vtech Vsmile Smart Keys £3.99 @ Smyths Toys

VsmileThis excellent educational toy from Vtech has been marked down from £24.99 to a mere £3.99 just in time for a very Merry Christmas! It’s such an impressive deal that I’m wishing I hadn’t bought all my presents already.

This keyboard has been designed to help your child develop essential typing skills with some great games and activities. It does need the V.Smile Learning System to operate and this is not included in the price.

The keyboard will help your child to improve their speed, accuracy, reactions, spelling and character recognition and is suited to children over the age of three years. It’s quite light so they can manoeuvre it easily.

I bought one of their older models a while ago and they are actually quite good. Although I’m not massively impressed with their exercises as some of them feel a bit advanced and my child doesn’t really enjoy them that much.vtech2

However, it’s well worth having for this price and will entertain them and teach them more than most things for £4. If you like educational toys then here’s a good one for you.

Thank you to Hanksy from HUKD!


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