Vtech VSmile Pocket Learning System £18.99 @ Argos

vtechVsmilePocketLearningSystem Argos are confused. They clearly still think their Christmas sale is on and are selling this Vtech VSmile Pocket Learning System for £18.99 instead of £59.99; crazy, but GREAT.

Reading the spec' for this Vtech VSmile Pocket Learning System, I learned that there's software out there called Zayzoo - that sounds much more fun than any of the software I use...Adobe just doesn't have the same sort of ring to it.

Zayzoo software teaches word matching, spelling, maths, puzzles and all sorts. So all of the things that we want our children to learn through playing with toys like this.

The Vtech VSmile Pocket Learning System is is compatible with all VSmile learning games APART from: VSmile Art Studio, Dance 'n' Learn or Pocket Power Packs. It aslo requires four AA batteries which aren't included.

The recommended age range for the Vtech VSmile Pocket Learning System is between five and seven years, but I think you could get away with going a litle younger perhaps.

The reviews are excellent and whilst I don't normally write about things out of stock for home delivery (which this is), it would be worth being prepared to chase around a little bit to find an Argos store that has one, if your nearest one doesn't.

Thanks to louise.123 at HUKD

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