VTech My 1st Tablet (Blue or Pink) £10.00 @ Boots.com

VTech My 1st Tablet (Blue or Pink) £10.00 @ Boots.com

vtech my first tablet

When it was my son Ben’s 3rd birthday, I made the huge mistake of buying him a tablet. Don’t get me wrong he liked it for all of five minutes and it was broken by ten. We live in a world surrounded by technology and I was keen to get him to grips with it as young as possible. The thing was I had made the error of buying him something that wasn’t very age appropriate.

Here is the Vtech My 1st Tablet. Boots.com are selling this for a very impressive £10.00. It is £20+ in most other retailers. ELC had it in their sale for £10 and it sold out very quickly.

Suitable from the age of 2, this tablet is aimed at tots. Whilst, it’s in the form of a toy, it is an introduction into the technology world.

It comes in pink or blue, makes sounds and has bright lights. Show your child how to send emails and use the calendar just like you do. It’s all virtual of course, so you don’t need to fret about emails going to Granny saying that Mummy has been bad.

There’s four letter and word activities, four number activities and even a virtual camera. It’s brightly coloured and educational with its twenty six letter keys and piano keyboard.

Delivery is £2.95 to your door or £1.95 to your local Boots store.

Don't forget if you're spending £60 or more, you can grab an extra £10 off using this Boots.com voucher.


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