VTech First Steps Baby Walker Pink £18 @ Asda Direct

Strider The VTech First Steps range is pretty good and comes with a load of extras for the price, especially when that price is marked down from £24 to £18. The saving isn’t earth shattering but it’s a good one for anyone looking for something to help baby along. 

The Vtech First Steps Baby Walker is designed to help support your baby as they learn to walk. It’s been balanced and designed to amble along comfortably in front of them while they figure out that whole “put one foot in front of the other” thing. 

The activity board in the front has shapes and light-up musical keys that introduce your little genius to letters, words, numbers, animals, colours, sing along songs and melodies. Phew. Quite a whack of stuff up front then, it’s a wonder they find the time to walk! Strider2

The toy also includes a phone that has beads inserted for noisy role play, a moving butterfly (I’m not overwhelming impressed with the butterflies to be honest, nor was my kid) some discs that spin and rollers for manipulative skills. 

Thanks to Wass at HUKD!

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  • Sarah
    My niece has one of these and she LOVES it!

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