VTech 'Moosical Beads' £6.47 @ Amazon

cow2 HURRAH for Vtech - not just for this great toy but for 1) calling it moosical and 2) going on to say it's udderly fantastic - it means I can chuckle away at such 'cheese' and not have to take responsibility for it!

When I was little we used to go to this place called Stanmer Park - it was a huge country park that had the t i n i e s t little village at the end with a post office, cream tea shop, about four houses (ok maybe a few more than four....six!) and a dairy farm.

We'd go and have an ice lolly and look at the cows, more specifically the 'baby cows'.  Their big brown eyes, wet noses and little 'mmooooos' were too cute and I loved them. As a result most things 'cow' do it for me.

So imagine my delight when I happened across this Vtech Musical Beads toy!  Tell me he's not CUTE! He's also has great education value for small peeps aged three months or more.

Tiny hands will find the plastic ring great for grabbing; there are two light-up buttons to push and a spinning block to teach a-b-c, 1-2-3, shapes and colours with fun phrases and sung song (the cows in the park couldn't do THAT!)

cow1Pushing the buttons, aside from being just for fun, actually teaches your baby about about cause and effect and sliding the beads encourages the development of fine motor skills.

The rrp for this chap is £9.99 (£10.99 through the Vtech site) but Amazon would rather you had him for £6.47 - I'd get a moooove on and go over there now if I were you (ok, I accept responsibility for that one).

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!

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