Vtech Mobigo Touch Learning System £34.99 @ AllBabyNeeds

Vtech Mobigo Touch Learning System £34.99 @ AllBabyNeeds

vtechMobigoTouchLearningSystemAllBabyNeeds.co.uk are selling this Vtech Mobigo Touch Learning System, with a Shrek Forever After game, for £34.99 instead of £49.99.

If you don't want the Shrek version then you could head over to Amazon instead - they're selling the Vtech Mobigo Touch with a Cars 2 game, BUT you are going to pay £40.00 for it.

My youngest son is so 'tech'd up' it's crazy - he's had an iPod Touch since he was four and is on a mission to persuade his dad to upgrade to an iPad2 so he can inherit the current iPad - he's not daft that one!

If you're not quite ready to kit your child out with all things 'i' then this Vtech Mobigo Touch might be a better place to start.

It has a compact and stylish design and that, all important, touch sensitive ‘finger touch’ screen for interactive fun whilst learning at the same time, you can always rely on Vtech for that.

Slide up the screen on the Vtech Mobigo Portable Learning System to reveal a QWERTY keyboard and 4-directional cursor to practice typing skills and for more classic game-play controls, although your child won’t know they’re using ‘classic’ game-play controls hahaa, only us ‘old folk’.

There’s a lot packed into the Vtech Mobigo Touch Learning System; it teaches curriculum based school skills including English, maths, colours, shapes and more.

Happy touch learning!


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