Vtech Mobigo Portable Learning System £39.99 @ Amazon

26 March 2011

vtechMobigoPortableLearningSystem Amazon have reduced the price of this Vtech Mobigo Portable  Learning System from £49.99 to £39.99.

It's selling out fast on Amazon, so if you get here and find they're all gone then go HERE to allbabyneeds.co.uk - they're currently selling the Vtech Mobigo Portable Learning System for £42.49 along with discounted cartridges for it too.

It's the best I can do to cover all bases for you, all the other usual suspects are selling it for full price.

If you're not quite ready to buy your pre-schooler an iPod Touch, or bequeath your 'old' iPad to them because you just upgraded to the 2, then this Vtech Mobigo Portable Learning System might be what you're looking for.

It's the newest handheld gaming system for the preschool youngster.

It has a compact and stylish design and that, all important, touch sensitive ‘finger touch’ screen for interactive fun whilst learning at the same time, you can always rely on Vtech for that.

Slide up the screen on the Vtech Mobigo Portable Learning System to reveal a QWERTY keyboard and 4-directional cursor to practice typing skills and for more classic game-play controls, although your child won't know they're using 'classic' game-play controls hahaa, only us 'old folk'.

There's a lot packed into the Vtech Mobigo Portable Learning System; it teaches curriculum based school skills including English, maths, colours, shapes and more and it also comes with Shrek the Fourth cartridge.

Praise for it is high too...

"I bought one of these for my autistic son who is 4. He absolutly loves it, we thought it might go down well on his birthday and then be left like all his other toys but he still plays with it. It is proving also to be an excellent learning device. It may be a little too young for some 4 year olds but for Alex he really gets on with it.

The other great thing about it is it hasn't broken yet which for my son is some sort of miracle it has had juice spilt on it, chocolate fingers all over it, dropped down the stairs and it still works. I am very happy with it."


"I bought this for my son's 3rd birthday and didn't actually realise that the Shrek software which is included is actually for children aged 4-7. Anyway, it is very intuitive and my son quickly picked up the touches required to operate the Mobigo. He's not very PC aware, doesn't use a mouse, so this is his first experience with technology.

It doesn't keep him amused for hours on end, maybe 15 minutes at a go, but then I'm not too worried about that as I don't want him glued to it all day. I feel like it's something I can keep up my sleeve to keep him happy if we go out to eat or on a car journey.

He can do the easy level of the Shrek games without too much support. I do like to sit with him as he will get more out of it from an educational point of view, but he is quite happy to sit on his own too."

Thanks to tanujarneja123 at HUKD

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