Vtech Mobigo Handheld Portable Learning System £34.99 @ Amazon

27 December 2010

VTech mobigo This is the newest handheld educational video gaming system from Vtech. The Vtech Mobigo Handheld Portable Learning System is on sale for £34.99 at Amazon, that's a 30% saving on the £49.99 recommended retail price.

The Mobigo has a touch sensitive 'finger touch' screen for interactive fun. You can slide the screen up to reveal the QWERTY keyboard, to learn touch typing. There's also a four-directional cursor and Enter button for classic game play. The system also comes with the Shrek 4 game. Not sure how educational that is, but I'm sure it'll be fun!  The system also teaches curriculum based school skills including English, maths, colours, shapes and more through fun gameplay. Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

One commenter on the HUKD post says that their child got one for Christmas (at the higher price of £49.99!) and hasn't put it down since. All five of the user reviews on the Amazon site give it a five star rating.

Thanks to tanujarneja123 thanks to HUKD!

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